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10 Reasons Why You Need A Trek Guide in Nepal

What is the advantage of hiring a trek guide?

A trek guide not only has years of experience, but he can have a bunch of nifty tricks up his sleeve which will come in handy in the most unlikely of situations.

If this is your first trip to a new country, you may have already done hours of research online about the best things to do, unique places to see and visit, and holidays coinciding with the city’s or country’s festivals.

Well, just booking your flight and hotel takes a chunk of your time, so imagine planning every nitty gritty of your holiday. Phew! Are you on a break or feel like your OCD has hijacked your holiday as well? It’s absolutely ok if you’re adventurous and love the process. But,wouldn’t it be magical if you could experience the place through the eyes of a local and let an expert organize the best trip for you?

1. Local tour guides ensures your safety

A destination is only exotic when you feel safe and a tour guide’s foremost duty is to ensure your safety. They are very knowledgeable about the city’s rough neighbourhoods, which would be dangerous for a naive tourist. And you wouldn’t have to worry about getting lost,especially in places that have small alleys and no street names.

2. A local guide can save you time

Oftentimes, we cram our trip with too many places we want to visit without factoring in the time that it will take to complete the journey.Asking friends and others who have visited those places can be helpful, but nothing prepares you when you actually reach there.Trying to navigate a new place can be overwhelming. A local guide can help you choose the best possible route, and advise you if some of the stops are worth your time.

3. You don’t have to be a sheep

Most tourists only eat at restaurants that have great reviews on TripAdvisor and are popular in travel guide books.But if you like to step away from the masses, your local guide can be your gastronomical guide. She can introduce you to the local delicacies that you wouldn’t know where to find or find at all. He/She,will know the little hidden gems that are only popular with the locals. For example, when I took a trip to Kerela, South India,I hired a tour guide in advance because I wanted to experience off-the-beaten-track places and try authentic local food.The guide drove me around in a comfortable air-conditioned car, caught up with a fisherman to buy the best fresh catch of the day, and set up a great lunch with a local family. It was the most unique experience I’ve ever had. It was a thoughtful, well-planned activity with all the elements I wanted. Now, isn’t that the kind of unique holiday you would like to treat yourself?

4. When visiting extremely popular locations.

Have you ever felt overwhelmed when visiting a new place and seeing throngs of people? As if that’s not enough, a simple task of navigating your way to buy tickets will seem like a mammoth task. Having a tour guide while visiting very popular attractions can literally save you a headache. A personal tour guide knows the best hours to get there (to avoid the rush and being knocked down), knows to get the best deal on prices, and can help you navigate the crowds. In some countries, a good guide knows their way around and can avoid queues. But not like those snobby Manhattan moms who hired disabled guides to get special access into Disneyland.

5. When visiting historic destinations.

Seeking out professional, highly trained, passionate tour guides will be ten times more helpful than using Google guides, especially in markedly rich historical places.These guides not only have in-depth knowledge about their subject, but also have interesting stories to tell surrounding it. They can weave a story and paint a picture, which you won’t find in a book or your app.

It doesn’t matter even if you’ve come well prepared carrying the best Tour guide apps. You see, nothing comes close to an experienced travel guide and funnily enough, it’s the stories that you’ll remember long after you return home.

Bhaktapur Durbar square
Bhaktapur Durbar square

6. On an adventure trip

High-risk adventure activities, like peak climbing, white-water rafting, bungee jumping, snorkeling, and safaris, are inherently dangerous. These activities are physically and mentally challenging, and there is a high probability of things going wrong from one moment to the next.

If you’re a daredevil who just goes for it, this is probably the one area where getting professional help would be wise.

Rivers in Nepal are notoriously dangerous, maybe only second to the dysfunctional roads. The professional guides who conduct white water rafting trips, practically grew up swimming in these rivers and will be able to match your appetite for risk, capabilities and fitness to the level of the chosen activity. Such expert guides are highly competent in their chosen field and therefore can guarantee your safety along with entertainment.

Manaslu Climbing
Manaslu Climbing

7. When the language barrier is a pain

Often, you can get around with a few words of the local language, enough to break the ice. Locals are generally friendly, but not all smiling faces are to be trusted. There will always be a few who will take advantage of your lack of local language. A good tour guide, on the other hand, acts as a liaison between the local market and you. Whether you are negotiating over a rug or buying jewelry, you can rest assured that your guide has your back. They are there to help translate and negotiate in the event of an emergency.

8. To not deal with the hassles of logistics

Don’t you love it when you’re on vacation and your journey from point A to B is awesomely smooth sailing? A Private Guide will be trained and licensed to take care of all the “not so fun” tasks that can otherwise tie up your valuable time, freeing you up to do what you love. From getting tickets and reservations for your event or event space, checking operating hours for getting around, arranging transportation to your desired location, and eliminating those not-so-fun tasks that are common when meeting with vendors – a Private Guide will be there every step in your journey. You just can’t overlook how indispensable he/she becomes during your travel.

9. When driving is not an option

There is no shortage of reasons not to want to drive while traveling. It’s dangerous, time-consuming, and an inconvenience for everyone. You don’t want to spend your vacation getting lost and you can’t read the road signs. Also,you’re not confident driving on the opposite side of the road. Your spouse is a disastrous driver and you just want to have fun instead of listening to his or her constant complaints. Hiring a tour guide to do the driving for you can save you a lot of headaches and unwanted distractions.

Nepal roads

10. On long stays

So that you can make a firsthand decision on what to see and what not to see, it’s often handy to have a travel guide with you early on in your trip.

Planning a trip can be tough. With so many things to do and see in the world, it can be hard to figure out exactly where you want to go. That’s why it’s handy to have a travel guide with you early on in your trip- so that you can make a firsthand decision on what to see and what not to see!

They’ll be able to show you around the place, point out places of interest, and also provide a map so that you can make notes of the things that you want to come back and explore at a later date.


However, for some people this can be difficult as they may not know how to.

Kailash Trek is here to inspire all of you to explore Nepal and discover new kooky places.

Get your passport ready, because we’ve got some new places to show you.

Important monuments and priceless artifacts don’t do anything for you if your guide doesn’t speak the same language. Give in to the exploration bug and let one of our private trek guides show you around. ⠀


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