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12 tips to take your elderly parents to Nepal’s Himalaya on a vacation trip

To tell you the fact, we have just done that with daughter (43) and father of 72. They were extremely satisfied by our services, guiding and all logisctic. Read their review – Annapurna Circuit trek on trip advisor. This is another story from 74 years man who did Gosainkunda and Upper Mustang trek in 24 days 

We want to encourage you and your parents join with us. Before committing, talk with us all the issues that you are going, we make logistics that you do not regret nor you will bear any hassle when you are in Nepal.  Ttke a vacation or an adventure even if you are caring for aging parents and you want give them something special that would remain as an everlasting memory in their hearts.

This is how you plan: Consider these first three major categories: choice of your interest, communication and service provider. First you need determine who will fill in for you when you take holiday, and then work out a communication plan for while you are away with your loved ones. Finally, you will  need a strategic service provider who can put you first when you are caring for someone else and trying to give something special.

Going on that holiday or in adventure need not be stressful. Here are 12 things you need to keep in mind.

01. Pick the right smartphone for your senior parents – give them tips to get best shots/moments when ever they can. You too recipocate moments for parents.

02. Decide on the type of Holiday. This is importatnt. You can communicate with us.

03. Evreything needs to be slow – realize they are not marathooner

04. Stop correcting them, don’t dote – realize THEY’RE NOT OVERGROWN BABIES

05. Choose the right hotel

06. Prepare for emergency – Bring adequete medicine related to travel, check for any travel alerts, visit doctor for vaccination advise, get personal travel insurance

07. Start regular exercise at least 2 months priort to your holiday, we called it work those muscles beforehand.

08. Remember – you need this breaks to erase all past anxiety

09. Elderly parents too need their ‘me time’ like you do

10. Choose your destination wisely, being in Nepal, it is undoubtedly you are in safe hand with our caring crews. Learn about the Gurkhas

11. Mind your food – Nepal serves all kinds of food – from continental to Chinese, Indian, and European, even Halal food

12. Leave a legacy – know the world not just in Facebook or Youtube.com, show your facebook and youtube to others

Contact with us either emailfacebook, or instragram

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