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14 Best Adventurous Things To Do in Pokhara

Pokhara is probably the most favorite place for tourists visiting in Nepal. And why it won’t be, as it basks in the utmost natural beauty amid green and verdant hills, which is even more upscaled by the glaring lakes.

Another alluring thing about Pokhara is, it lets you immerse in its tranquil ambiance with far less throng of the crowd and even lesser clouds of smog.

Being the most happening place for tourists, Pokhara offers an array of things to do, that can take your vacation to a whole different level.

Although it is a serene city, the list of things to do in Pokhara is rather impressive and striking at some level. For the adventure-lovers out there, Pokhara is one of the best places to visit for you. Not engaging you in these talks, let just jump into the things you can do in Pokhara.


Pokhara is famous for trekking, as it is the gateway towards the Annapurna Region of Nepal, the most popular trekking region. Not only the Annapurna Region, but Pokhara is also the place where the various remarkable journey starts.

Annapurna Circuit, Annapurna Base Camp, Ghorepani Poon Hill, Upper Mustang, Khopra Danda and Dhampus are some of the favorite treks from Pokhara. Not to forget, short treks including Royal trek, Sarangkot trek, Panchase trek, Sikles trek are equally walked on. If you are on for trekking in Nepal, then it is the best thing to do in Pokhara.

Pokhara Valley Tour – 2 Days


Nothing beats that ecstatic feeling of flying along with the clouds in the sky and witnessing the world from the top. Paragliding is much sought-after adventure in Nepal, and Pokhara is the place where it can be actually executed.

Tandem Paragliding or flying in your own, you can choose it depending on your skill and experience. Paragliding in Pokhara has Sarangkot has flying point and lakeside as the landing point.


Bungee Jump is a much-loved adrenaline sport in Nepal amongst tourists, and in recent time, even the youth has grown passion towards it.

It is one of the best things to in Pokhara and takes place in Hemja, 25 meters away from LakeSide. The fall takes place from the exhilarating height of 160 meters.


Paving your way in a most daring and adventurous way is how you do rafting. With the white rivers and their high rapids, rafting in Nepal is a popular sport. And, Pokhara is always one step ahead when it comes to providing the best of adventure to you.

Rafting in Pokhara takes place in Seti River. With only 30 minutes from Pokhara, you will raft for one and half hour non-stop in class III and IV rapids.

Know Everything About Pokhara


In Pokhara lies the world’s tallest and longest zip line of 600 meters. The exhilaration is way beyond words when you zoom down at 140 km per hour covering a distance of 1.8 km.

Started since June 2, 2012, the starting point of zip flying in Pokhara is in Sarangkot and ending point is Hemja. To fly down to the end while witnessing the magnificent view of Himalayan mountains and mesmerizing lakes, zip flying is one of the best things to do in Pokhara.


The ultralight flight is a lightweight flying, with one or two-seat fixed-wing aircraft. It is flying in the open air all by yourself and your guide when you can enjoy the bird’s eye view of beautiful Pokhara Valley.

The duration of flight differs from the 20 to 30 min and 40 to 50 mins, depending on the package you choose to go with. Do not miss this remarkable to chance to fly most comfortably and openly.

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With the giant range of Himalayas, the adventure sports in Nepal has gone to a whole different level. Well, obviously you can skydive in another part of the world as well, but skydiving in Nepal is different in a sense that you can witness the spectacular 360-degree view of Himalayas.

After the great popularity of skydiving from the tallest mountain in the world, Mount Everest, Nepal now offers this incredible experience from Pokhara as well. With the magnificent range of Annapurna and the shimmering lake of Phewa, skydiving in Pokhara is one of the best things to do in Pokhara.


Kayaking is almost similar to rafting, only for the experienced ones. While kayaking, one has to get on a small watercraft and face the rapids. You don’t have to worry; you will get to have kayak lessons to scale your skills. In Pokhara, you will kayak in the Seti River.


Canyoning is another best thing to do in Nepal, that is equally adventures as any other activities. The sport of Canyoning is about an hour ride from the main city of Pokhara following the trails of Lwang Ghaley Village.

While canyoning in Pokhara, you will get to climb down a canyon while a plunging stream of water makes things more challenging for you. To add more fun, the delightful green forest in the area is there to captivate you.


You are holidaying for fun after all, in search of fun and adventure to create memories for life. What would be the best way to experience a new thing than to camp outside in the open air amid nature? It for a day after all, rather than staying in the lavish and star hotels, camping lets you the experience of how living with nature feels.

Camping in the bank of Seti River is very popular amongst tourists in Pokhara.


Mountain Biking in Pokhara offers a very detailed and bikeable roads which are perfect for biking. Biking is one of the best things to do in Pokhara, and the options are just too wide.

World Peace Pagoda biking, Phewa Lake mountain biking, Annapurna Circuit, biking and Sarangkot Mountain biking are some of the popular spots for mountain biking in Pokhara.

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Hand gliding is a newly introduced sport in Nepal that lets you circle up to cloud base setting course on a long cross-country flight over patchwork fields. You will capture the view of beautiful mountains while gliding through the sky with a light breeze of Himalayan air.

Pokhara is the best place where you have the adventure of experiencing hand gliding. It is the spot for those who want to experience something new and thrilling.


Paramotor is the combination of Ultralight flying, and Paragliding commercially started since 2016 in Nepal. It is one of the best things to do in Pokhara for all the flying lovers.

There are two types of paramotoring; Sparrow fly and Falcon fly. Sparrow fly features flying experience straight to Taal Barahi making a circle over Peace Stupa at 50 kmph speed cruising at 5000 feet and returns to land.

While Falcon fly features flight up to 7000 feet in a regular intersection pattern from where flyers can view the stunning mountain range and view of Pokhara valley.

The whole sport is very safe, the takeoff and landing are situated in a very suitable location with no physical obstacles for takeoff, landing and another phase of flight. The spot is located only at a distance of 5 km away from Lakeside in Chankhapur.


Of all the best activities you can do in Pokhara, rock climbing is one of them. To scale-up the fun, even more, you can try conquering one of these high rocks. You will walk climb these mighty rocks amid the delightful setting of verdant forest and natural beauty. Rock climbing will be a perfect way for adventure and natural workout in Nepal.

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