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2017 Teeji Festival in Lo Manthang-Mustang – Teeji- The Chasing of the Demons

May 22-24, 2017 -Teeji Festival in Lo Manthang – Mustang – Teeji- The Chasing of the Demons
On this festival the lamas perform a centuries-old ceremony to chase demons from Lo Manthang. Gripping human skull-tops laced with streamers, lamas chant prayers and perform, almost 50 separate religious dances. They are interrupted now by masked demons who flail wooden swords at the frightened spectators.

On the final day, in a nearby field, courtiers fire ancient muskets as a high lama shoots an arrow at a red demon effigy laid on a ragged tiger skin. He tosses five more demons into the sand to signify the exorcising of the city.

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