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30 must visit places in Nepal

This small country awaits you with many surprises and wonders beyond your expectations. Whichever place you pay a visit to, it is sure that you will be awe-struck.  Inhabitated by different ethnic clans in different parts of Nepal, who still live depicting the traditional lifestyle and culture, your visit to Nepal will be a worthy visit.

Another amazing and obvious part is, of course, the spell-binding natural beauty of Nepal. The glorious while Himalayan range against the blue sky, the scenic landscapes of hills with verdant forest, the glimmering lakes, the magnificent glaciers and waterfalls, the rapid rivers and deep gorges; there is nothing you can’t find in Nepal if you want to play with nature.

Located in between two giant nations, India in the west, east and south and China in the north, Nepal is a comparatively a small land located country with massive natural and cultural diversity. After you visit, you might even call it a small piece of heaven on Earth.

Whatever the size is, the rich biodiversity, unique geography and varying topography are worthy of applauding. Nepal is divided into three regions; a Himalayan region with snow-capped mountains, Hilly region with green hills and Terai region with lowlands and plain roads. The diversity in geography has also bestowed the difference in climate. Himalayan region is cold throughout the years; Hilly region witnesses moderate climate while the Terai region is known for excessive heat.

Also, the cultural part of Nepal that resides multi-ethnic, multi-lingual and multi-cultural clans makes you visit even more exciting and full of exploration. Although there are hundreds of places which are worthy of your time in Nepal, we will take a sneak peek at some of them.


Kathmandu is the city of dreams where thousands of people arrive daily to pave their way of a bright future. Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal, is a lively city where people barely sleeps. From the tall buildings to the ragged street houses: to the people residing in them, Kathmandu is the hope of all. This vibrant and crowded city is not only for the achievers, but for admirers as well. People from around the world pay a visit in here to see the beauty it homes.

Kathmandu is an ancient city, historically known as Nepal Mandala. The city is the center of Nepal’s history, tradition, economy, art, and culture. Newari ethnicity is the predominant inhabitants in the city, and they are the creators of its historical heritage and civilization. With people pouring from every corner of the country in here, Kathmandu homes almost all ethnicity of people coming from different background.

Looking at the history on the formation of Kathmandu, it used to be a massive lake before God Manjusri cut Chovar hill with his mighty sword letting all the water drain out and establishing a valley.

From the history dating back to hundreds of years, Kathmandu has established itself as a city of art, culture, and architecture. To witness the ancient monuments and its unusual beauty, people come to Kathmandu. Kathmandu Durbar Square, Hanuman Dhoka, Kirtipur, Asan, Shawayambhunath and Boudhanath are some of the places in Kathmandu that exhibits the richness of culture.

Another famous thing in Kathmandu is the cuisine: from the popular Newari khaja set to nation’s favorite mom, from traditional dhindo to continental, Kathmandu serves best of your interest when it comes to food. Being the center of the country, Kathmandu is the best host and amongst the places to in Nepal.


Bhaktapur is the neighboring district and city of Kathmandu with equally rich art and culture. The city is full of devotees where the historical monuments, temples, palaces, courtyards are still intact. The place is also famous for arts and crafts including pottery, weaver, masks, paintings, and thangka. Vibrant street festivals, rich local customs, religion, and musical mystic makes this city even more intriguing.

Bhaktapur is one of the must visit place in Nepal which is full of historical monuments with impeccable architectural skills. Fifty-five window palace, Nyatapola temple, Bhairabnath, Kailashnath, Siddha Pokhari are some of the prominent heritages in Bhaktapur.

Nyatapola Temple is one of the oldest temples with five-story pagoda temple of Goddess Siddhi Laxmi built by King Bhuatindra Malla.

Siddha Pokhari is a famous pond where devotees worship the Goddess Indrayani in the west side of the pond during the festival of Indra Jatra.

Likewise, there is Dattatreya temple in pagoda style built by Yaksha Malla and dedicated to Lord Shiva.

Also, do not forget to try Ju Ju Dhau of Bhaktapur, which is a very special yogurt that literally melts in your tongue and relishes your taste buds.

  1. PATAN

Patan is another beautiful city near Kathmandu on the southern side. Like Bhaktapur, Patan is also rich in cultural heritage, arts, and crafts with temples, statues, palaces, and museum. It is also known to form beautiful traditional handicrafts like jewelry, masks, thangka and Buddha statues.

Some of the must-visit places in Patan are Patan Durbar Square, Patan Museum, Ashoka Stupa, Godavari Botanical Garden, Patan zoo and many other places.

The places are often crowded with people hustling in a rush; there is a street market with a beautiful piece of handworks and temples in almost every place you visit. With its ancient heritage and history, Patan is something you must not miss and is one of the places to visit in Nepal.

Must visit place in Nepal - Kathmandu and Bhaktapur


Pokhara is the center of tourism of Nepal as it is the best place for adventure and holiday. From adrenaline-adventurers to individuals, from couples to families, Pokhara serves best to all. Suitable for everyone and every kind of activities, Pokhara is one of the best places to visit in Nepal.

Adventure, fun, sightseeing, lakes, temples: there is nothing Pokhara doesn’t have in its pocket. There is trekking, hiking, paragliding, zip flyers if you want to feel the exhilaration or else you can just relax in one of the lakes near the city and enjoying the moments with mesmerizing Annapurna massif in your background.

Once you been to Pokhara, its beauty will certainly captivate you. Nowadays, we have become so photogenic that we click and capture every time, and Pokhara provides one of the greatest photo spots in the world. You will be surrounded by a panorama of Annapurna ranges while walking along the shores of Fewa Lake. The view of those peaks reflecting in the glimmering lake of Fewa is even more enticing.

You must have heard Pokhara is the city of lakes, and it is as there are numerous lakes such as Fewa Lake, Rupa Lake, Begnas Lake, Gude Lake, Neutani Lake, and Maidi Lake. Not only the mesmerizing lakes, but there are mysterious caves as well. Mahendra Cave, Bat Cave, and Gupteshwor Cave are some of the popular caves.

Likewise, Sarangkot gives the best panoramic view of mountains like Dhaulagiri, Annapurna, Manaslu, Machhapurche and whole Pokhara valley. And David’s fall is the deepest waterfall is a sight to behold.


Lumbini, the birthplace of Lord Buddha, the most sacred site of Buddhist pilgrims. Siddhartha Gautham was born in Lumbini in 623 BC, who became Buddha after attaining nirvana.

The large periphery of in Lumbini includes Maya Devi temple, Puskarni pond, Ashoka pillar, world peace pagoda and many other temples built by countries like India, China, Thailand, Myanmar, Canada, USA among others. Well, one mustn’t miss a chance to visit the home of Buddha, and it is why Lumbini falls in one of the places you should pay a visit to in Nepal.


Janakpur is the holy pilgrim’s site for Hindus as it is the birthplace of Goddess Sita. As per the epic Ramayan, Janakpur is the birthplace of Sita, the other half of Ram. Also as Ramayan, Ram is believed to be an incarnation of Lord Vishnu, and so Sita is said to be the incarnation of Goddess Lakshmi.

The place is not just renowned for this, Janakpur is also a rich city in terms of Terai culture. Ram Janaki Temple is the center of Janakpur which is most revered and visited site of the place.

Janakpur is also a distinctive city where you can witness the ancient Mithila culture. Also, don’t forget to visit Dhanushadham, another important religious site which is equally rich in architecture as well. With so much of religious and architectural essence, Janakpur surely comes in the list of places to visit in Nepal.


Fewa Lake is an exemplary beauty located in the beautiful city of Pokhara amid lush green hills, and its exotic beauty places it in the list of places to visit in Nepal. It is rather known for the reflection of Mount Machhapuchhre and other peaks of Annapurna and Dhaulagiri.

What attracts the most is Tal Barahai temple in the middle of the lake. It is a mystery, who actually built the temple in the middle of the lake. However, the overall serene view of lake and mountains from the temple is beyond words. The temple is an important religious site dedicated to the Lord Vishnu.

Rowing the boat in the serenity of Fewa lake, observing the glorious range of the Himalayas and verdant hills will be the best experience ever in your life.


It is another lake in Nepal that you must pay a visit to. Rara lake is a very popular destination for trekkers and nature lovers. Its high altitude location 9,810 feet attracts adventures to explore this unusual beauty. Your visit to Rara lake will allow you a glimpse of culture and serenity on the way which is very different from the rest of Nepal.

As Rara National Park surrounds Rara Lake, you will also get to know some of the rare flora and fauna. In overall, the park comprises 1074 species of flora of which 16 are endemic to Nepal, 51 species of mammals and 214 species of birds.


The shimmering blue water in the lap of snow-capped mountains with the vast blue sky in the background is a sight to yearn for. Gosaikunda lake is one of the most revered and sought-after lake in Nepal by tourists as well as locals and one of many places to visit in Nepal.

It’s not just the beauty you witness once you reach the lake, it’s the whole journey in overall that entices you energy to carry one and have the victory.


Well, Nepal is home of Himalayas, and those Himalayas has bestowed us thousands of lakes and water systems, so here comes another beautiful piece of nature, Phuksudo lake as one of the places to visit in Nepal.

This turquoise blue lake has captivated every visitors with his serene beauty and naturalness. Surrounded by Himalayan peaks, the lake sits in the Dolpo district.

Must visit places in Nepal - Tilicho and mustang


Tilicho Lake is a high altitude lake at 4,949 meters and a popular side hike of Annapurna Circuit. However, recently the Tilicho lake trek singularly has gained quite a hype. The Lake is situated in the Manang district of Nepal, that homes many hidden remote valleys rich in ancient culture and tradition.


We often wonder looking at the books or National Geography what it is like to see that wildlife in real. Well, Nepal is ready to fulfill that wish of yours as well. Chitwan National Park located in Chitwan is also in the list of World Heritage List, and the reason, of course, is it harbors many endangered species of flora and fauna, along with hundreds of different biodiversity.

There are more than 700 species of wildlife that includes mugger crocodile, one-horned rhino, Bengal tiger, clouded leopards, wild boars amongst many. The place is also perfect for bird watching as there are around 600 species of birds.


Sagarmatha National Park is another park enlisted in the World Heritage List. The major attraction is the Everest at 8,848 meters which also dominates the park. The wildlife of Sagarmatha National Park also homes rare species like musk deer, Himalayan black bear, red pandas, and snow leopard. The towering peak of Everest and all the exotic wildlife it inhabitants makes the park one of the must-visit places in Nepal.


Khaptad National Park is a blend of tranquility with utmost natural beauty. Walking through the rolling green hills of the park through subtropical forest of chir pine at a lower region and subalpine forest of rhododendron, oak, fir, and hemlock in higher areas is the best experience one can get.

The park has 224 species of medicinal herbs, 270 species of birds and various species of wildlife including wild boar, ghoral, Himalayan black bear, barking bear and many more.


Get lost in the serenity of spirituality and explore an exotic side of Hindu religion by visiting Pashupatinath. Pashupatinath is the most revered pilgrimage site of Nepal dedicated to Lord Shiva. Located in the bank of the holy river, Bagmati, the temple is home of hundreds of saints forms around the world.


Located in the northeastern outskirt of Kathmandu, Boudhanath is a popular Buddhist pilgrimage site. It is a massive mandala with around 50 gompas around its periphery. For Tibetan Buddhist, Boudhanath is the most revered site.


Swayamnbhunath is yet another holy pilgrimage site of Buddhist in the top of the hill of Kathmandu valley. The whole complex of Swayambhunath comprises stupas, museum, Tibetan monastery, museum, library, a variety of temples and shrines, some of them even dating back to the Licchavi period.


It is probably one of the oldest temples in Nepal as it was originally built in the 5th century by Licchavi. The temple is on the northern side of Bhaktapur. Its ancient history and the intriguing architectural design makes the temple a place to visit in Nepal.

Must visit places in Nepal - Pokhara and Phewa lake


Upper Dolpo is an underdeveloped and a poor region in terms of infrastructure and economy. However, its natural beauty tops everything. Your visit to Upper Dolpo allows you to see a different side of Nepal taking you to rugged and remote far west.

With all the natural serenity, it is no wonder; Upper Dolpo is a place to visit in Nepal. However, in Upper Dolpo itself, lies Shey Gompa, a major attraction of this region and an important place to visit. The Gompa has been a pillar of attraction to visitors as it is an extraordinary and enigmatic gompa hidden from the outside world. But, you can get access to this gompa only in summer.


Langtang is one of the most accessible trekking regions from Kathmandu Valley which allows you to immerse in the tranquility as the trails are comparatively less crowded. It is the best place to visit in Nepal as in a short period; you will experience the wonderful culture and observe the stunning Himalayas.

Also, the cultural part of Langtang is very striking. Most of the inhabitants of Langtang are of Tibetan origin. Their dress, language, craftsmanship, stone-built bouses, and beautifully carved wooden porches exhibit a rich Himalayan culture.


Mustang takes to a very different place where you will witness a true lifestyle of people in mountain reasons. People of this region lived in isolation with not much touch with the rest of the country for hundreds of years. The region was restricted to foreigner till 1992 which makes it one of the most preserved regions with intact culture and natural beauty. To get access to this rare privilege, tourists need a permit which is granted after the payment of certain cost.


Ghorepani is a beautiful mountain village at an altitude of 2,760 meters in the Annapurna region of Nepal. Its high location provides you with some excellent panoramic views. Located in the proximity of Ghorepani is Poon Hill at 3,210 which is one of the famous viewpoints for observing sunset and sunrise.



Ghandruk is another beautiful place to visit in Nepal. In your visit to Ghandruck, you will pass through quaint settlements of Gurungs, where you will get a chance to witness the lifestyle, culture, and tradition of Nepal, delightful forest of rhododendron and breathtaking view of Annapurna, Gangapurna, Machhapuchhre, and Hiunchuli.


It is a very accessible town located in the southern rim of Kathmandu valley. Dhulikhel is a popular spot for locals as well as a tourist with the scenery of mountains and hills and rich ethnic culture. If you are an adventure lover, then you must visit Dhulikhel as it has perfectly challenging terrains for mountain biking.


Nagarkot is very popular amongst the people of Kathmandu due to easy accessibility and natural beauty. It is located at an elevation of 2,195 and is considered as one of the most scenic spots. You can observe sunrise view of the Himalayas including Everest and other peaks of Himalayan ranges of Eastern Nepal. You can also get a panoramic view of the Kathmandu valley.

  1. ILLAM

Now, we will move towards eastern Nepal. Illam is the ultimate beauty and jewel of eastern Nepal. Illam is a perfect blend of natural sceneries, landscapes, sloped tea gardens, lush green forests, unique culture and tradition, and perfect climatic condition and its naturalness places it in our list of places to visit in Nepal. In your visit to Illam, do not forget to visit Kanyam, Shree Antu, Fikkal, Sadakpur, and Mai Pokhari.

Must visit places in Nepal - Rara lake


Who doesn’t want to conquer the tallest towering peak in the world? – Everyone does. Scaling this ultimate creation of nature which is at 8,848 meters is a matter of pride, however, reaching its base camp and viewing the peak form closet proximity is pays that pride too.

Everest Base Camp is obviously the popular destination for adventure lovers around the world. It is a challenging yet exciting journey at the same time. Paving your way from Lukla airport, the starting point of your adventure, to Namche, a distinctive tourist hub and gradually towards the base camp, the journey overall is way more worthy and must visit place in Nepal.


Believe it or not, Annapurna Circuit was once voted as the most beautiful trek in the world, and it still lives by its glory. You will trek along a variety of climate zones from tropic of 600 meters to the arctic of 5,416 at Thorong La pass. The cultural variety of Hindu villages at a lower region and the Tibetan culture in the upper region makes Annapurna Circuit even more satisfying.


What’s more rewarding than witnessing five equally mesmerizing lakes at the same place? Panch Pokhari is one of the must-visit places in Nepal that offers pristine mountain views, serene beauty of nature, rich culture and biodiversity. Panch Pokhari is a group of five sacred lakes located at 4,100 altitudes in Sindhupalabchowk district.


Badimalkia is a temple located in the Bajura district of western Nepal. The temple might be the marking point of your journey, but the overall it allows you to explore and experience the lesser-known region of Nepal – western. It is newly explored paths with wide grasslands, waterfalls, shimmering streams, holy lakes, verdant forest, glittering mountain ranges, panoramic hilly landscape, and raw natural beauty.

It will be surprising for you to know the other parts of Nepal and once you be there, you will definitely know its worth as places to visit in Nepal.

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