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5 Year Nepalese multiple entry visas for American citizens

Information Regarding Visa Reciprocity to US citizens

  1. Nepal has reciprocated on Tourist Visa with U.S.A. as per the decision of Government of Nepal
  2. This visa policy will be effective since 1st January 2019
  3. According to this policy the U.S. citizens will be granted with Multiple Entry 5 years Tourist Visa
  4. The U.S. citizen who applies this visa has to fulfill the following conditions:
    • The passport should have validity of at least 6 months
    • Current Bank statement having minimum balance of USD 10,000 (In Words: Ten Thousands USD)
    • Health Insurance Certificate
    • Details of contact person in Nepal
    • Name of places to visit during stay in Nepal
  5. This visa is issued by the Department of Immigration with approval from the Ministry of Home Affairs
  6. The recipient of Multiple Entry 5 Years Tourist visa can stay for 180 days in each visa year
  7. The present provision of On Arrival Visa at entry point for 90 days will be continued
  8. Nepalese origin NRN card holders U.S. citizens are not granted this visa. However, they are eligible for NRN visa as per the Immigration Rules and Regulation and Non-Resident Nepalese (NRN) Act
  9. The applicant of Multiple Entry 5 Years Tourist visa should submit a bank voucher of depositing USD 160 or equivalent amount. The paid visa fee is non refundable.
  10. Children under 10 years and holding U.S. passport are ineligible for gratis visa.

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