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Bandipur Tour – 3 days

  • Bandipur Tour – 3 days
  • Bandipur Tour – 3 days
  • Bandipur Tour – 3 days
  • Bandipur Tour – 3 days
  • Bandipur Tour – 3 days
  • Bandipur Tour – 3 days
  • Bandipur Tour – 3 days
  • Bandipur Tour – 3 days
  • Bandipur Tour – 3 days
  • Bandipur Tour – 3 days
  • Bandipur Tour – 3 days
  • Bandipur Tour – 3 days

Trip Overview:  

Bandipur situated at the elevation of 1030 meter is a small picturesque village. Bandipur is located high above and in the middle of Magar settlements. This hill top city has a romantic setting. It is located off the main Prithivi Highway to Pokhara. The panoramic view of Mt. Dhaulagiri, Annapurna, Manasalu and Ganesh Himal makes its location very inviting.  It is a pleasant site to see the terraced rice field and Marshyandi river that flows way down in the valley.

Original inhabitants of Bandipur are Magar. Later in middle of 19th century Newar from Bhaktapur settled in this picturesque hill top settlement for trading. The settlements are now a neat city that has retained its traditional Newar culture outside Kathmandu valley. Its location provides a perfect weekend break to stay and explore Bandipur.   Its culture, mountain view, surrounding hills and nature provide amazing experience. You can enjoy the peacefulness and tranquility of life in the foothills of the Himalayas that has mild and cool weather throughout the year.

There are easy and short hikes to Magar villages, temples, and scared caves. Bandipur has lively festivals. Enjoy their heritage brought from Kathmandu – wood carving and traditional architecture. After Kathmandu Valley was overtaken by Prithivi narayan Shah in 1768 some Newar families from Bhaktapur fled or travelled to Eastern Nepal. They set up their trading and brought their culture. One of such place is Bandipur.

Bandipur flourished in its heyday in 1800. The traders of Bandipur took advantage of trade between British India and Tibetan. Their trade gradually became redundant as the high way and air linked  Pokhara to outside world. Bandipur remained in the shadow for quite some time because the road bypassed it. However in terms of preservation of their Newari Heritage and nature Bandipur stand to gain from tourism.  When tourists started to look something different, after 50 years of visiting routine places, Bandipur grab the attention because of its pristine nature and cultural heritage. People are attracted for a retreat and recreation.

For extended tour there are excellent hiking trail to nearby villages and view point. Walk through terraced rice fields, indigenous villages of Magar and Gurung for cultural experience.

About transport to and from Bandipur:

Economy package tour includes service of public transports. Depending upon the destination, you may travel by public bus or jeep. On the route that leads to Bandipur your travel will be on Tourist busses that leaves Kathmandu or Pokhara early in the morning around 7 to 8 am. You stop at Dumre and switch to a local transport (bus / jeep) to Bandipur. Actually the road switches to or from Bandipur about 2 km ahead of Dumre. On the main route (Prithivi Highway) it is best to use tourist bus for a long ride rather than local bus that stops off and on and most of the time it is cramped up with local passengers hopping on and off the bus though the bus fare is very cheap.

Optional Add on Activities:  You may be interested in:

  • Manakamna Mandir with cable car
  • Day rafting in Seti or Trishuli River with or without camping
  • Hike from BimalNagar to Bandipur, on Prithivi highway, to Siddha Gufa (cave) – 2 hour; and another 2 hour hike to Bandipur. Travel from Kathmandu to BimalNagar take about 4 hour. Only good for physically sound condition
  • Day hike to Magar village – Ramkot. There you see traditional Magar house, their life style and tradition. Enjoy typical village experience
  • Check with us for logistics and additional cost
  • Highlights:
    • Spectacular and awesome view of Himalayas – Annapurna, Manaslu and Ganesh Himal
    • Enjoy easy and relaxed walk around around Bandipur
    • Visit temple, Buddhist monastery and view point
    • You get to enjoy and experience wonderful culture and pristine environment
    • Bandipur is an excellent place for retreat and short break
    • Route: Drive to Dumre – continue to drive to Bandipur –  Drive back to Dumre  and to Kathmandu
  • Day 01: Drive Kathmandu to Bandipur (148 km). In Bandipur – 4 hour drive
    Leave Kathmandu at 7 am. Stop for short brakes en-route. Arrive at Dumre by noon. From Dumre the road switch direction to Bandipur (10 km). It is about half an hour uphill drive. After lunch you are free to stroll around the place to see and experience heritage of Bandipur. It is also possible to walk from Dumre to Bandipur (2 hour easy walk). On the way you can see cave and monasteries.
    Day 02: In Bandipur  - Full day Excursion and tour
    Walking excursion around the city and view point: Khadga devi Temple - 5 min walk. It is the main temple of Bandipur dedicated to Godess devi. In dasai the temple area is full or fun and activities. The view is beautiful from its vantage point. It is interesting to visit Tindhara (15 min walk) to see traditional way of fetching water for household use. There is a large Buddhist gumba that belongs to Gurung community. The monastery celebrates Buddha Jayanti with ceremony and pump. Visit Thani Mai temple (20 minute uphill walk). At the summit there is relics idols of Thani Mai. The best time to visit the temple is in the evening to see amazing sunset view of the entire horizon. It offer 360 degree view. Take your moment with nature. In your leisure time stroll the street to look around the traditionally built houses with flowers hanging from their balconies. Have fun walking the pedestrian street – no cars. Meet people on the street; watch them in the regular chores. There are still some old houses from 60’s built in wood and brick structure. Tourists find them cute. As you stroll the street catch the life style of the people. T is nice place to hang around on your own pace. Bandipur is like Bhaktapur with distinct difference. The city is impressive and photogenic.  Many hotels in Bandipur are built in traditional style. Their décor represent life style of Bandipur.
    Day 03: Drive to Kathmandu (148 km) – 4 hour
    After breakfast leave Bandipur at 9 am. Drive to Dumre and onward to Kathmandu. Reach Kathmandu by 2 pm. It is also possible to walk from Bandipur to Dumre ( 2 hour easy walk).
  • Trip Cost:
    NPRs 15,500 per person. We need minimum 6 person to run this trip.
    Join In Fixed Departure cost NPRs 17,000 per person
    Accommodation based on double occupancy

    Cost includes:
    1. Ground transportation to start and from end point of tour
    2. Accommodation – appointed hotel based on double occupancy
    3. Meals – Breakfast and dinner only
    4. Local tour guide for excursion around Bandipur
    5. Entrance charges

    For Booking see ‘General Information’ about the trips

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