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Best Monsoon Trekking in Nepal

Won’t be so astute when the country known as the heaven for trekking fails to provide that fun and experience just because of the obstruction of season. Monsoon usually starts just around the second week of June , but as usual due to the climate change we are seeing the effects of late downpour.

Travelling in the rural areas during the Monsoon season can be hazardous as the rain causes flooding and landslides that can cut off some towns and villages for days at a time. We need to be careful and check out access routes before setting off.

Monsoon does not seem favourable to trekkers , cyclists and people who commute to work on foot in daily basis but it is a wonderful change from hot summer but also comes with its own set of problems. Many might complain of muddy roads and not able to venture out but it is only the mindset of people and many people seem to enjoy it.

Although monsoon is described as a notorious time of the year and to some level it is; you can still have more fun and feel more alive during monsoon trekking in Nepal. It would not be a bad idea to see Kathmandu and Pokhara valley combing your trip with short hikes for 2 to 3 days . You might not get a perfect view of the mountains but the trek route is less crowded and you may feel that you are the only one up in the rugged hills.

If you wish to see the superb Himalayan views then trekking to rain shadow area like, Upper Mustang, Upper Dolpo,  will be highly recommended. Travelers will not regret travelling to Nepal even during the monsoon time. Where exactly can you go for trekking in Nepal during monsoon – well, let’s get to know what are the best destination for monsoon trekking in Nepal.

Best Places for Monsoon Trekking in Nepal

Upper Mustang Monsoon Trekking in Nepal

Whoever has said trekking in Nepal during monsoon is not a good idea, they will admit what they said was wrong once they go for Upper Mustang trek in this season. The trek already is one of the most-sought and loved trek of Nepal. Located in the rain-shadow area of Nepal, Upper Mustang receives less rainfall even during the monsoon season.

Popularly known as the Forbidden Kingdom of Nepal, where still monarchy is recognized, the trek lets you unravel the mysteries of centuries-old human-made caves and artifacts, 1000 years old monasteries, Tibetan-influenced local tribal groups who have been living in isolation for generations, which has constituted on the intactness of their original culture.

It all starts with a flight to Jomsom from Kathmandu, from where we will follow the trail along Kali Gandaki River, that features the world’s deepest gorge. It is trek towards one of the remotest, distant and restricted area of Nepal. Although Upper Mustang Trek is a long one, the highest elevation reached is only 3,810 meters.

What’s even best about Upper Mustang monsoon trekking in Nepal is the exotic festival named Yartung Mela or Horse Festival. Witness the unique celebration of culture with this festival that has events like a horse race, traditional dance, archery, local cuisine and drinks, and many fun.

Book Upper Mustang Trek With Us

Upper Dolpo Monsoon Trekking in Nepal

One of the beautiful off-the-beaten-path trail, Upper Dolpo Monsoon trekking in Nepal is getting a lot of popularity in recent days. Opened to foreigners only in 1989, it is one of the most preserved and restricted regions of Nepal, whose major part is yet to be explored.

Although it has been three decades, only fewer number of trekkers has set their foot in this rare land of Upper Dolpo.

The trek is a remarkable experience that lets you have an insight into Himalaya beauty showcased with majestic snow-capped mountains. There are lush green forests mainly of rhododendron, oaks, and pines; remote and culturally rich settlements like Ringmo villages; the alluring turquoise blue lake of Shey Phuksundo and the exhilarating waterfall alongside; really, Upper Dolpo monsoon trekking in Nepal will be the perfect package of adventure for you.

Upper Dolpo is the long trek that begins with a flight to Nepaljung from Kathmandu and again tomorrow, flying to Juphal from Nepaljung. Taking you to the closet to the Tibetan border, Upper Dolpo trek is one of the best you can go on monsoon on Nepal. If you are trekking-lover, then the challenging route of Upper Dolpo will totally prove its worth for you.

Upper Dolpo Traverse Trek – 13 Days

Rara Lake Monsoon Trekking in Nepal

What allures the trekkers towards the magnificent lake of Rara is the stunning range of snow-capped mountains that be witnessed from here. Even more to that, the reflection of those mountains in the shimmering lake of Rara is just too exquisite.

One of the perfect destinations for monsoon trekking in Nepal, Rara Lake is also the biggest and deepest freshwater lake in Nepal. As a property of Rara National Park of Nepal, Rara Lake also boasts unique flora and fauna with rare and vulnerable species.

Located amid the verdant forest of pine, spruce, and juniper, the lake is as serene and striking as magnificent is its beauty. Once you reach the lake, you can just immerse its beauty, either by boating in the clear water, hiking to the lush forest in nearby hills to have a closer view of mountains and as the lake is rich in birdlife, you can just go for birdwatching too.

Rara Lake is located at an elevation of 2,990 meters in the western Nepal and trek begins with a flight to Nepaljung from Kathmandu and to Jumla. Already a much-loved trek in Nepal, it is everything that a perfect trek has to offer, from the Himalayan lake to the unobstructed Himalayas, which makes Rara Lake trek the ultimate monsoon trekking in Nepal.

Know More About: Rara Lake Trek

Annapurna Circuit Monsoon Trekking in Nepal

One of the most popular and often described as best in the world, Annapurna Circuit is all there for the adventure-junkies who want to prove themselves in the challenging route of Himalayas.

As it is already a popular trek, its admirers are no less even during monsoon season. With the moderate level of difficulty, well-marked trail and guesthouses throughout the route, Annapurna Circuit can be accomplished during monsoon as well.

Moreover, the trail will be less crowded and fresh as the rain would settle all the dust. However, be prepared for rain, but it won’t rain every day. Even when it does, it won’t last all day. You will find the upper region of the trek is green and lush with very fewer trekkers in the way.

Also, the significant part of Annapurna Circuit lies in monsoon curtain and therefore will be rather wet and slippery, but as you scale up towards the Manang region, and over the highest point of Throng la pass, then into Muktinath in lower Mustang, you will experience dryer climate significantly.

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Limi Valley Monsoon Trekking in Nepal

Making you feel like the time has rewind, Limi Valley trek takes you to far west of Nepal on the Tibet border. Up until 2002, the place was restricted to visit by foreigners, and as it has started to welcome visitors only since then, Limi Valley hasn’t seen much of modern development.

One of the popular monsoon trekking in Nepal, Limi Valley trek receives very less number of visitors because, in order to protect its fragile ecosystem, only limited permits are issued everywhere. It is no less than a privilege to walk in one of the most protected and authentic parts of the world

Limi Valley trek follows an ancient traditional and pilgrim route over challenging trails and high pass of Nara La Pass with the backdrop of the spectacular view of Himalayas. The valley also still adheres to the centuries-old Buddhist traditions that have Shamanistic influence.

The trek is a long one that requires taking two flights before reaching the point from where actually start the trek. First, we fly towards Nepalgunj, then to Simikot, from where we embark on.

Embark on the distant land of Limi Valley – 21 Days Trek


Well, trekking might be your priority, but to wander around a stunning natural setting for some hours that is located in your proximity is the best spend of time anywhere. Not just trekking, hiking is equally popular amongst trekkers of Nepal. They aren’t long one, some are of one day, or three to four days, with 3-4 hours of walk a day, you can easily accomplish them.

In Kathmandu Valley

Shivapuri-Nagarkot Monsoon Hiking

Although a short trek of three days, Shivapuri-Nagarkot hiking is an exceptional one. Starting from Sundarijal, the northeast of Kathmandu, you slowly ascend the stairs and make your way uphill whole passing by several villages.

This short hike of around the valley is known for the stunning panorama of Langtang Range, Jugal Himal, Ganesh Himal and some glimpse of Everest as well. Nagarkot is already famous as one of the sought-after vantage point for viewing sunset and sunrise.

Shivapuri National Park is another attraction of this trek that inhabitants many wildlife, vegetation, historical and religious sites, and hiking routes. Golden Jackel, Indian Leopard, Rhesus monkey, Gharial are some of the popular wildlife of the park.

3 Days Trek from Nagarkot to Shivapuri

In Pokhara Valley

Mardi Himal Monsoon Trek

Annapurna region already homes some of the most favored treks in Nepal like Annapurna Circuit and Annapurna Base Camp. However, amid those popular treks, the short trek of Mardi Himal has successfully left its mark.

It is a short trek that takes less around a week, with no requirement of skills or technique and perfect go for monsoon trekking in Nepal. You will walk in off-the-beaten-trail of Annapurna foothills while witnessing the highly diverse culture and incredible landscape.

Yes, of course, the unobstructed view of mountains appearing before you including Mardi Himal, Annapurna I, Gangapurna, Annapurna III and Machhapuchhre will take your breath away.

Complete Mardi Himal Base Camp Trek in 8 Days

Australian Camp Monsoon Hike

Yet another beautiful hike in Pokhara Valley – Australian Camp. It is a one night and two days journey in beaten roads, verdant forest into hills and through charming traditional villages.

Australian Camp is an exceptionally easy one in Annapurna region that will play perfect for you in the notorious month of monsoon. It will be an adventure to walk in the beautiful trail through many beautiful surprises and at last ease all your tiredness sleeping in the tented camp under the sky full of stars.

Join with us for 3 Days Australian Camp Trek from Pokhara

Ghorepani Poon Hill Monsoon Trek

It is one the much-loved trek in Nepal, by national as well as international tourists. Trekking towards Ghorepani Poon Hill during monsoon is the perfect package for you.

The picturesque traditional Gurung village, the staggering range of Himalayas, awe-inspiring sunset/sunset from Poon Hill at 3,210 meters, the delightful and colorful forest of rhododendron; well, Ghorepani Poon Hill will serve you best in any time of the year, and monsoon cannot be better.

It is four days of the trek that will stand to be the most memorable journey for you in Nepal.

Ghorepani Poon Hill Trek: Itinerary, Cost Details, Trip Dates & More

Trip Map