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Best Time To Trek In Nepal- Spring


If you’re looking to travel to Nepal, spring is the best season. Even moreso, since this is the first spring in Nepal, after the COVID, it is a time of hope, renewal and reflection. The Nepalese people are at a crossroads, with many feeling they have lost their businesses. They are looking to the future and trying to rebuild it.

Spring is the perfect time to visit Nepal and the Himalayan region when the weather is warm and dry, sky is blue and crispy cool wind flows in the mountain. The last winter rain comes and melts the snow, but you can still find snow in the Himalayan region of the mountain.

The Himalayas from east to west is dazzlingly white. People begin to return back to their villages in the highlands of Manang, Dolpo, Mustang and Mugu. They sow wheat, barley, corn and potatoes.” Temporary school in Pokhara and elsewhere close, and people move north. The forest in the middle hill region of central and eastern Nepal blooms with rhododendron flowers. In the alpine region it is time for wildflowers to bloom. It’s also time for the butterfly and bees to wake up from hibernation.

Most popular Spring festivals in Nepal

And in Kathmandu it is again time for festival. This is the season for Shiva Ratri and the color festival known as Fagu(Holi). There are more festivals in the month of April, May and June. In the mountain, you can observe festivals every year like Teji Festival in Lo-Manthang (Mustang) in May and Saga Dawa in Mt. Kailash (Tibet) in June. These festivals are a big draw for many tourists and pilgrims alike.(see calendar)

'Maha Shivaratri is an important Hindu festival during spring'
Maha Shivaratri

The Nepali New Year, called Poush falls in mid-April.

Holi is one of the most popular festival in Nepal. It is celebrated with great joy and enthusiasm all over Nepal. The day before Holi, people clean their houses and prepare for this festival by buying new clothes, sweets and other items for friends and family members. On Holi day, people play with colors using dry powder or wet paint to create a feeling of unity among themselves as well as to welcome spring season by symbolizing the victory of good over evil.

Popular activities to do in spring

1. Jungle safari

Chitwan National Park opened up to tourists and they’ve been doing a great job at it. They have quite a few new hotels and resorts that are welcoming people differently. A hotel is advertising themselves as being ‘African Style’. National park authorities claim that the tiger population has increased. Recently, Bengal tigers were spotted in the Kailali and Kanchanpur areas of Western Nepal in Western Terai. This is good as it means that rhino populations are increasing as well – some of which will be moved to national parks for better protection. For an exhilarating and exciting safari adventure where you can see wild animals up close and at the same time, an elephant and jeep safari is perfect. You get to see the beautiful scenery of the Terai, while you meet deers, boars, rhinos and if fate permits, even a tiger.

2. Rafting

Rubber boat rafting trips down the Trishuli or Bhote Kosi rivers are best in Springtime. The water is just right, meaning that you’ll be able to enjoy yourself but still remain dry most of the time. It’s a fun way to get wet and go exploring these fast-flowing rivers.For your convenience, rafting in Trishuli river is also a good reason to avoid traffic restriction in that area. But the expansion of road on the main highway linking Kathmandu and Narayanghat in Chitwan may prove difficult to avoid.

3.Helicopter ride

"Nepal mountain helicopter ride is a popular choice for travellers, especially in spring in Nepal when the weather is perfect'"
Mt kailash

Besides the scenery an hour mountain flight away, the Himalayan range is best for visitors who don’t have much time (or energy) to walk up close. On the other hand, you can see Mt. Everest a little more closely by using a helicopter- this costs $1800 per hour.

4. Spring season trekking in Nepal

Yes, of course, trekking in Nepal in the foothills of the Himalaya is a very different experience, whether it is a day hike or three weeks in the remote mountain. Wonderful majestic mountains, unique culture, panoramic view of the Himalayan range from high passes and the summits of peaks are truly a memorable experience. Of all the adventure holidays, trekking in Nepal is very popular.  Availability of luxury accommodations on the main trial of Everest and Annapurna are another reason to experience adventure holiday in Nepal. Everest has always attracted climbers from around the world no matter how much it costs. Climbing permit fetches hefty sum that goes to the coffer of the Nepalese government and Nepal Mountaineering Association.

This year, the Union International Alpine Association (UIAA) has made a decision to ban mountaineers from using drones and to impose fines of up to $10,000 for violators. The UIAA is against such restriction yet they are obliged to accept because mountaineering provides livelihood to the people of the villages.

5. Hot springs in Nepal

Nepal is a country with a diverse landscape. It has high mountains, deep valleys, and beautiful rivers. These hot springs are scattered throughout the Himalayas. These hot springs in Nepal attracts tourists from all over the world.

People come to enjoy the natural beauty of Nepal, and the hot springs help to relax their muscles and soothe their minds.The water from these natural springs are believed to have healing properties and are used for bathing, drinking, cooking etc.

Nepal probably has at least 50 hot springs scattered in various areas, Some of the most popular hot springs in Nepal include:

  • Tatopani Hot Springs
  • Kodari Hot springs
  • Annapurna Hot Springs

Tatopani Hot Spring

The Tatopani Hot Spring, located around 5 kilometers in south Kodari, is a natural hot spring famous for its healing benefits. This isn’t the most sophisticated or majestic hot spring, but it is one of the most well-known in Nepal. Locals often go there to get a respite from the city. Nepalese climate. The high mineral content of this water makes it all the more beneficial to consume. Benefits include detoxification, rejuvenation, muscle relaxation and rehabilitation.

Tatopani’s facilities include a common area with basic shower facilities and a pool. It also has sauna rooms, where visitors can relax after enjoying the thermal waters. All of these wonderful beneficial points make it even hard to resist the charms of this gorgeous place.

How to reach here:It is an approximately 4 hours journey via Araniko Highway from Kathmandu to Tatopani Hot spring

Annapurna Hot spring

When trekkers and travelers arrive at Annapurna range, it is nice to enjoy the lap of natural hot spring baths. When you’re going on a long-awaited trek and feel like giving up, remember not to give up. Instead of going back feeling exhausted from the strain and stress of sore muscles, find the nearest hot spring. Innovative ideas like hot springs are nothing less than a blessing in an otherwise boring trek. The place is designed to offer relief to the body in the scorching heat, while also being scenic and interesting..

"trekkers relaxing in Nepal's natural hot spring en route to Annapurna "
Healing natural hot spring

How to reach here:

It takes an approximate of 6 hours journey from Pokhara(Ghorepani trek route)

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That’s why we’ve spent so much time over the years refining the best treks to create the ideal holiday experience.❤️

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