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Bhotechaur Nature Camping – 2 days

  • Bhotechaur Nature Camping – 2 days
  • Bhotechaur Nature Camping – 2 days
  • Bhotechaur Nature Camping – 2 days
  • Bhotechaur Nature Camping – 2 days
  • Bhotechaur Nature Camping – 2 days
  • Bhotechaur Nature Camping – 2 days
  • Bhotechaur Nature Camping – 2 days
  • Bhotechaur Nature Camping – 2 days
  • Bhotechaur Nature Camping – 2 days
  • Bhotechaur Nature Camping – 2 days
  • Bhotechaur Nature Camping – 2 days
  • Bhotechaur Nature Camping – 2 days

A quick escape from Kathmandu city.

  • Highlights

    • Spectacular and awesome view of Langtang, Gaurishankar Himal and Khumbu Himal
    • Enjoy the relaxed environment and cool weather of the mountain
    • Easy walk to nearby villages.
    • Enjoy overnight tented camping and picnic lunch
    • You get to enjoy and experience nature and soothing environment
    • Route: Drive to Jhule – Walk to Bhote Chaur  -  Overnight in Bhotechaut - Drive to Sankhu-  Kathmandu

    Eastern rim of Kathmandu valley provides an easy and quick escape to the mountain. The views of the entire Himalayan range from Mt. Everest in the east to Manaslu and Hiunchuli in the west can be seen throughout the walk. Langtang Himal dominates the skyline to the north. Manaslu and Ganesh Himal are clearly visible towards the west. On a clear day, part of the range of Annapurna can be seen. There several small villages and settlements throughout the trails. There are oak, pine and rhododendron forest. Part of the area is within Shivapuri National Park. The gravel road and walking trail to Jhule and Bhote Chaur are in Shivapuri Watershed and Wildlife Reserve. The walking trail to Chisapani and Bhote Chaur section is part of the trial on the Rim of Kathmandu Valley. The ridge camp is pleasant and refreshing. The walk or drive to the mountain and back to the city is quick and short. The view of the sunset from the ridge is amazing From Jhule if you head east the trail leads to Chauki Bhanjyang and the west leads to Chisopani. Further on you get in Helambu.

    About hiking and camping

    Overnight camping is fun and affordable.  It is a good way to disconnect with regular work and technology. Reconnect with nature. It helps revitalize relationships and rehash your energy. Young people learn about outdoor condition and activities. Educational camp helps school children learn to appreciate outdoor living.

    Best time

    Cool-weather and warm summer are good for camping. Fall – October to December – are pleasant. Spring from March to May though hot but it is pleasant up on the hill.  Best to avoid wet weather especially during monsoon rain.

    Day hike

    It is designed to give a taste of walking in the mountain. Hence the hike is short – a couple of hours only. You do have the choice to drive to Bhote Chaur and to Sankhu if the hike is not your choice.

    Fun and enjoyable trip

    A camping trip is a perfect vacation for family and friends. Good if you want to stay closer to home. It is fun and enjoyable. In our camping trips, you get a chance to connect with nature. Though it is not rugged, nor luxurious, yet it is easy and comfortable. It helps you get away from the hustle and rush of everyday life. Get you connected with family members and kids. If you are with friends your camaraderie becomes warms and memorable.  We organize camping in a traditional style. Almost everything is provided and meals are prepared by trekking cook. Foreign visitors are amazed by the skill of our trekking cook. You are served with hot meals and tents are set up by camp staffs. Campfire is arranged (we bring firewood). Trek staffs escort you on the hike. We set you free to enjoy your vacation.

    Benefits of outdoor camping to all age groups, friends and family:
    • Natural Fresh Air: The fresh air in the mountain rejuvenates your body. You will realize the effect of fresh air on your physical condition. The wonderful and fresh air of the outdoor camp sooths your body.
    • Physical fitness: The short walk scheduled in this camping trip requires physical activity. Camping often involves physical activity that is beneficial for sound health.
    • Build Relationship: Camping helps you build your relationship. It strengthen bond. The ample time you have and common things you do at the camp open up communication, share your thoughts. This does not happen in regular setting of a house or in a limited space. You are away from any distractions.
    • Reduce Stress: The natural environment set your body in relax mode. The relax environment helps to reduce stress.
    • Fun and memorable: The outdoor activities are always full or fun, jokes, jest that comes out naturally which make trip memorable.
    Suggested clothing and gear
    • Shorts and a T-shirt
    • Footwear – sports shoe or walking boot and rubber sleeper
    • Warm clothing for the evenings
    • Towel, sun block lotion
    • Flashlight
    Optional Add on Activities:  You may be interested in:

  • Day 01: Drive Kathmandu to Jhule (38 km / 2 hour drive). Hike to Bhote Chaur (5 km). Overnight Camping

    Hike from Jhule to Bhote Chaur: You get off at Jhule and start a short hike north towards Bhote Chaur. On the way stop at a trout fishing farm and an organic farm. Arrive campsite at 11 am. After arriving at the camp, camp staffs will serve you tea, coffee and cookies for refreshment. Tents are assigned and your baggage is brought to you. Lunch at Bhote Chaur.

    Activity at the camp: You can walk around the campsite, visit the nearby village or play games. Return back to camp. After refreshment, join buffet dinner set up in the open environment. It is nice under the full moonlight. After dinner, sit around the campfire (woods are brought from Kathmandu) to exchange stories.

    Day 02: Drive from Sankhu - Kathmandu – 1 hour drive

    Wake up early in the morning to see beautiful sunrise view of the Himalayan peaks. After breakfast, participate in your activities around the camp or take your leisure time to do whatever you feel pleasant. The view from the ridge towards Nagarkot and Helambu is beautiful.  After lunch, descent Descend to Chaauki Bhanjyang and then to Jarsingpawa. The trail is gradual downhill all the way to Sankhu (12 km / 3-hour walk).  Stop for a break at Bajriyogini temple. Visit the temple and Sankhu village.   Drive to Kathmandu (20 km / 1hour  30min drive).

    Bajrayogini temple in Sankhu:  It is a 17th-century temple dedicated to a tantric goddess Bajrayogini. Sankhu is one of the oldest villages (now a town) in Kathmandu valley. It is believed to be there from the time of early Lichchhavi period, 2nd to 9th century AD. It is inscribed in archaeological history. This site is listed in the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The temple has a three-tiered roof built in traditional style, public squares, and rest houses. It is one of the few places that are not in regular tourist round. You find the village very interesting where the streets and houses are very traditional. It is one of the places very badly damaged by 2015 earthquake.

  • Private Trip Cost

    • NPRs 13,500 per person. We need minimum 6 person to run the trip
    • Join In Fixed Departure NPRs 16,000
    • Accommodation are based on double occupancy

    Cost includes:

    • Ground transportation to start and from end point of the trip
    • Accommodation: Camping – two person tents, mattress, sleeping bags
    • Meals – Lunch, dinner, breakfast and lunch
    • Trek guide and camp assistants based on group size
    • Camp staffs, kitchen staffs
    • Camping equipments
    • First- Aid kit

    For Booking click ‘General Information’ about the trips

    Departure:Anytime as per your choice of date.

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    Trip Map