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Booking open for Saga Dawa tour in 2019

Booking is open for Saga Dawa festival tour in Tibet. This is one of rare, best and sacred festival not to be missed. We have few options to approach to this sacred place in earth and sample itineraries that may be best for you. You may choose that is best suits with your interest.

Date for Saga Dawa festival at Darchan is on  June 17, 2019.  We will be operating Kailash tour – both pilgirmage & overland tour – through Rasuwagadi. As always the weather condition at Simikot may cause havoc. If present unusual weather condition continues travelers should be prepared for long delay at Simikot airport. Though the airstrip is good for all weather condition yet flight may not be able to land or take off when weather is bad. Limited accommodation facility has always been a problem at both ends – at Simikot and Hilsa. Though there is marked improvement in the facility and number of rooms yet when there is adverse weather condition back log of travelers will face unexpected problem. Moreover helicopters always have hard time to keep up with the immediate demand. In such situation patience is the only virtue that makes sense. We advise pilgrims to consider their health condition and prepare to endure unforeseen circumstances  prior to their trips. The pilgrims are always blessed on this pious journey but it is equally important to return home safe and content.

1. Saga Dawa Festival at the Foot of Mt. Kailash and Guge Kingdom tour – 21 days. Tour bgins and ends in Kathmandu

2. Kailash and Mansarover (Via Nepal’s Simikot) – 18 days. Trek bgins and ends in Kathmandu

3. Affordable Overland tour to Mt. Kailash – 14 days. Tour bgins and ends in Kathmandu

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