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Can I go on a trek in Nepal?

Who can go on a trek in Nepal?

Anybody can do trekking and hiking in Nepal if one is physically good and sound in health! But please consider these two areas before you go on a trek:

1. Are you physically in a good shape and enjoy the outdoors?

2. Do you feel comfortable meeting people from the hill of Nepal and except a society that is totally different than yours for extended period?

Physical qualifications: No doubt you should be physically in good shape. There is hardly a level stretch of trail in most of the treks in Nepal. Most of the treks, the daily gain are 500 meters in about 15 km walk. You will have plenty of times during the day to cover the distance, so you can take rest and walk several times during the trek. You should be physically in good shape as plenty downhill and uphill walks involve.

Personality qualifications: How easily you can adopt with the new social environment determines your success in completing the trip. You should be prepared to enjoy the outdoor activities, sleep inside the sleeping bag and enjoy walking. If you enjoy these things you will be success in your trek in Nepal.

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