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Tourism News & Views from Nepal – Dec 2021 (Quarterly)

admin | December 7, 2021

Is Nepal Tourism Poised to Restart Soon As Delta Virus is expected to make inroad in the third wave all eyes are focus in the prospect of 2022. How feasible is it to restart. Yes it is feasible. “No matter how much you stress or obsess about the past or future, you can’t change either... [Continue reading]


admin | December 5, 2021

HIGHLIGHTS OF NOV 2021 ISSUE Editorial Tourism Kick started in Nepal!  The first kick just produced splutter. This comment is shared widely by tourism entrepreneurs. It needed more kicks in the months to come to actually start. Highlights:  # Tourist arrival in October 2021  # Asian destinations are opening for tourism # Status of Corona infection # Expected... [Continue reading]


admin | September 27, 2021

Published on 27 Sep, 2021 This new regulation is enacted by the Nepal government to manage post Covid-19 fully relaxed restrictions that was imposed after April 2020 to contain infections from Covid-19 pandemic This Regulation is Applicable to all Visitors (Tourist) All visitors entering Nepal must get antigen test at the point of entry. This... [Continue reading]


admin | September 26, 2021

Nepal is now open to International Visitors. Fully Vaccinated Tourists from countries eligible to get an on arrival visa can obtain a tourist visa on arrival.  The new visa regulation declared on Thursday 23rd Sept, 2021 by the government of Nepal requires all travellers to abide and maintain health protocol. This rule is effective immediately.... [Continue reading]

Kailash Himalaya Trek- Tourism News and Views From Nepal August 2021

admin | August 29, 2021

Is Nepal Tourism Poised to Restart Tourism Soon As Delta Virus is expected to make an inroad in the third wave all eyes are the focus on the prospect of 2022. How feasible. “No matter how much you stress or obsess about the past or future, you can’t change either one. In the present where... [Continue reading]

Kangchenjunga PangPema

Treasure of Taplejung

admin | May 28, 2021

Taplejung is a far-flung district located in the eastern development region of the Himalayas. Offering some of the most spectacular Himalayan landscape with fourteen of the world's highest mountain peaks rising above 7000m including Mt. Kanchenjunga the third highest mountain in the world with its close proximity. Taplejung, the treasure of the mountains, plays host... [Continue reading]

Buddha Jayanti 26 May 2021

admin | May 26, 2021

Buddha Jayanti (Buddha's Birthday) falls on the full moon of the Nepali month of Baishak (May -June) in Vikrami calendar or Nepal Sambat used in Nepal and also in some parts of India. It is a day that commemorates the birth, attainment of knowledge (Nirvana) and the death of the Enlightened One, Lord Buddha. Devotees... [Continue reading]

Tourism News and Views from Nepal – Kailash Himalaya Trek

admin | May 18, 2021

Nepal Dashed Hope to Restart Tourism Soon Nepal Tourism Submerged in Covid-19 Second Wave Most optimistic time to restart tourism in Nepal was expected to be in autumn 2021.  Though, international airlines are not expected to service in their pre 2019 capacity before end of 2023; and the forecast now is full fleet of the... [Continue reading]

Kal bhairab

Bhairab – The Fearless God of Death

admin | May 14, 2021

by Anil Chitrakar When someone is angry, it is common for Nepalis to refer to the “Bhairab” aspect of the person. When Shiva, the destroyer, is angry he is depicted as Bhairab. The soldiers in the battle field or their battalions and garrisons are referred to as Bhairab and named accordingly as Bhairab Gana. At... [Continue reading]

Boudhanath Stupa, Nepal

The Jewel on the Lotus – Souls of Boudha

admin | May 12, 2021

For many centuries now the Boudhanath Stupa has been a rare and resplendent wish-fulling jewel and is perhaps the oldest stupa to be worshipped in Nepal. Situated in the ancient town of Boudhanath, about six kilometres from Kathmandu is one of the country’s World Heritage site listed by UNESCO. The stupa is believed to have... [Continue reading]