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Mt. Kailash and Pilgrimage Tour

admin | March 30, 2021

About Mt. Kailash Mt. Kailash (6638m) is viagra online in spain located in western Tibet. It is a mysterious mountain for travellers cialis uk buy and explorers but for Hindus, Buddhist, Jains and Bonpo adherent it is a sacred mountain. To the pilgrims who walk around the mountain path of 55-km Kailash Parbat (mountain) is Meru in ice and stone. There is... [Continue reading]


Shivaratri Festival – In honor of Lord Shiva

admin | March 11, 2021

Maha Shivaratri, as the name suggests, is in https://lbs.ac.at/2021/05/10/canadian-propecia-cheap/ honour of Lord Shiva, the third lord of the Trinity (Bramha-- the creator, Vishnu--the preserver and Shiva - the destroyer). This special festival is celebrated with great fervour and gesture at "Pashupatinath Temple situated in Kathmandu. Many Hindu pilgrimage people come to pay their homage, especially Sadhu... [Continue reading]

Aart Last and Sandra

Tourism News & Message – February 2021 from Nepal

admin | February 22, 2021

Aart Last and Sandra News – 22 Feb 2021 When do tourism in Nepal Restart Nepal Tourism in post-Covid-19 When do you think would be safe to say ‘post covid.’ The answer is not quite easy to answer. The closest we can buy ing viagra in canada say is autumn 2021. But most likely it will not be before the... [Continue reading]

Updated notice regarding arrival in Nepal in 2021

admin | February 6, 2021

Mulling over the global pandemic Covid-19 situation, the government of Nepal, (GoN), as per the decision of 25th November  2020, 25th December 2020 and 24th January 2021 has provisioned the following conditions for the foreigner's arrival in Nepal.   [Continue reading]

Tourism News & Message – December 2020 from Nepal

admin | February 6, 2021

Nepal Tourism in Covid 19 The Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA) published by Himalayan News Service (HNS) Kathmandu, December 11 said: “Tourism revival unlikely till foreign visitors return.” It is rather a bleak outlook of Nepal’s tourism sector as noted by HNS. The news was never good ever since March 2020 when everything was forced... [Continue reading]

Kailash Himalaya Trek – Tourism News & Message – July 2020

admin | July 14, 2020

Post Covid-19: Prospect of Nepal Tourism Since the lockdown started on March 24, 2020, the question has been nagging Nepal tourism industry as to how to cope with this tremendous amount of staggering problem. The government foresees one million workers levitra priese returning from the Middle East and Malaysia soon after travel restrictions are relaxed. Tourism Employment Survey... [Continue reading]

Covid 19 update – 20 March 2020

admin | March 20, 2020

Dear Fellow travellers to Nepal, The Nepal government has announced the closure cialis by mail of all borders and arrival restriction from some of the nations affected with Covid 19. It is sad that the world is facing a difficult time amounting to thousand of death due to corona virus. Our thoughts and prayer goes to the deceased... [Continue reading]

Top ten famous lakes of Nepal

admin | October 23, 2019

Nepal, the world’s richest country in terms of beauty and natural resources, possess enigmatic lakes that are found in various geographies of Nepal.  The lakes of Nepal are impressively online viagra sales splendid and look superb with their extremely elegant beauty. People from different corners come to Nepal in order to be the witness of phenomenal sites of lakes which reflect... [Continue reading]

Bike tour in himalayas

admin | October 23, 2019

What is discount levitra online us a Bike Tour in Himalayan Mountains? A bike or hike in the mountains of Nepal is not a wilderness experience. It is rather a cultural and nature experience. It is a journey through various ethnic buy levitra without cultures, religion and geographical diversity of this Himalayan kingdom. There are rich varieties of flora and fauna within a limited... [Continue reading]

News –KailashHimalaya August 2019

admin | October 23, 2019

Looking Forward to Visit Nepal Year 2020              Government of Nepal had announced “Visit Nepal Year -2020” about three year after the Earthquake in April 2015 to push forward the sluggish growth of where to find cialis incoming visitors. This announcement encouraged private investors to invest in luxury hotels. There are now 5 new five... [Continue reading]