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Climate change on Nepal’s mountains terrifying

What are some key recommendations to reduce risk on air pollution and natural disasters and climate change?

Air pollution is a slow moving natural disaster. The black carbon in the air moves up, settles in the glaciers and increases their melt, and also disrupts heating and cooling effects of the atmosphere. We have to make sure that we have clean energy and reduce emission from automobiles, brick kilns, open fires. As for other natural disasters like floods, droughts, landslides and earthquakes, we have to be better prepared, invest on weather services and deliver the information to the people through flood early warning systems, for example. Want to read more. Click here 

We take you there if you want to experience this on your real time. This trek Mera Peak (6654m) and Amphu Laptsa is a perfect example of how mountains are melting on a alarming state. You can avoid Mera Peak if you do not want to climb.

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