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Dhampus Trek: Towards the Enticing Village of Annapurna

There is no arguing for the fact that Nepal is one of the hotspot destinations for trekking in the world. Millions pave their way towards this peacefully settled country in the lap of Himalayas to ultimately observe and immerse in its staggering beauty. With the wide variety of options to embark on your vacation destination as convenient, travelers of all ages and capabilities visit Nepal for an attempt to trek in the incredible Himalayan foothills.

This time you will move towards one of the enticing village of Annapurna foothills. Along with the drastic showcase of nature’s beauty, the trail is unique that takes you along off the beaten track, where you can observe the quaint lifestyle and traditional practices of people.

From getting on the road for weeks to explore the wild and remote places, travelers are left with open choices of travel plan here in Nepal.


Dhampus village is small and quiet settlement nestled against the incredible snow-capped mountains and verdant hills. In recent times, the village has become quite popular as one of the rewarding short treks in Nepal, referred to as “Dhampus Trek.”

Located in Kaski District of Nepal, Dhampus is a culturally rich village mostly inhabited by Gurung ethnicity. What acts more as an attraction of Dhampus Village is, it is located in the foothills of famous, Annapurna Himalayas and its 1,750 meters elevation above sea level, known for stunning mountain views.

Its obvious, rich, and defined natural beauty drapes a strong culture, and the unreserved hospitality of Nepali people has made Dhampus trek a remarkable trip.

Dhampus Trek: Cost Details, Itinerary, Gallery & More


Weather of Dhampus is quite favorable for trekking throughout the year. Dhampus weather is mild and generally warm and temperate. You will witness the maximum temperature during April and May, while the lowest is during December and January.

Rainfall is highest in July with an average of 956 mm, and the lowest is in November with an average of 3 mm. The average annual temperature of Dhampus is around 16-degree celsius.


Dhampus Trek is a short journey, typically goes for classic two-days. There are many things to explore during the trek that is just in the vicinity of Dhampus Village. Well, you can certainly take a chance to extend a day or two and have the best confined days. Following are a few things you can opt to during your visit to Dhampus.

-Visit View Tower

The View Tower is closely located to Dhampus Village and a must-visit place to witness the unobstructed view of mountains, including some tallest in the world, along with breathtaking sunsets and sunrises.

The tower was built in 2016 to bolster community tourism and is located within the periphery of Annapurna Conservation Area.

Go for an early hike to View Tower to see the sunrise emerging for the majestic array of mountains Annapurna II, Annapurna IV, Annapurna South, Machhapuchhre and Hiunchuli. The moment when the sun casts its first ray on Machhapuchhre, then Hiunchili and other peaks and rise slowly becoming glowing red and spills all over the horizon is way beyond words.

-Astam Hike

Astam is another beautiful village near Dhampus which takes around 4 hours of hiking. Astam, which translates as Sunset Village is at an elevation of 1,400 meters and just as its name meaning, the village offers an unprecedented view of the surrounding area.

The hike is a pleasing walk through the delightful forest and traditional and old houses, some dating back to even 100 years. It is an easy walk with no difficulty and challenge whatsoever. You will pass through houses where men and women are involved in their daily chores and are quite interesting to watch.

In ancient times, these villages were referred as Dhampuskot and Astamkot, and while hiking towards Astam, there are two more kots; Hemzakot and Jaykot, which were used for storing weapons during Baise and Chaubise Rajyas (Rulers).

-Be a part of the culture

Dhampus is a traditional Gurung village that lives by adhering to ages-old ethnic and cultural practices. These people are friendly and warm-hearted who are living in peace and harmony away from self-centered life in cities.

Their life revolves around their cultural belief, and it can act as an ice-breaker if you want to know about it. You can always lay your queries about their culture and practice, and they will be happy to let you know more. As the food is the major part of a culture, do try Kheuni, a Gurung cuisine while in Dhampus Trek. You can also learn some handicraft skills, as people in these villages are pro in making doko (wicker basket)dalo (bamboo basket), and naglo (round woven tray) from bamboos.

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The sole Dhampus Trek takes only two days starting from the beautiful valley of Pokhara. It takes around 5.5 hours, 200 km to reach Pokhara from Kathmandu by vehicle. From Pokhara Lakeside it is an hour’s drive, 18 km to Phedi.

Then from Phedi, it is only around three-hour walk to reach Dhampus. However, this classic two-day Dhampus trek can be extended with other destinations. So keep up with us.

Its easy trail makes it perfect for a family trek with your kids, solo trek and can be embarked by every age of people.

Phedi-Dhampus-Pothana-Australian Camp-Kande

It is 3-4 days of a trek that covers several popular hiking villages and the perfect extension of two-day Dhampus trek. The trails are still easy and serve best for the beginner trekkers.

Phedi is around 30 minutes ride from Pokhara located at 1,130 meters. Then, we start trekking towards Dhampus Village and to Australian Camp. On clear days, you can have an excellent view of Phewa Lake and World Peace Pagoda.

Both Australian Camp and Pothana are awesome vantage point with a great view of Machhapuchhre and snow-capped mountains of Annapurna range. You can stay a night in either of these places to view the sunrise and sunset.

Now, while returning to Kande, the trails from Australian Camp is more steps than roads.

Astam-Dhampus-Australian Camp

It is a slightly different route than the one mentioned above. First, we drive towards Hemja from Pokhara and ascend towards Astam village walking through villages and forests. It takes around 2-3 hours to arrive at Astam Village.

The next day we walk uphill going through the ups and downs of 3-4 hours before arriving at Dhampus village. Our next stop, Australian Camp at 2,000 meters offers 360-degree view mountains and panoramic landscape. And, with that, we get on the road to be back to Pokhara.


Yes, Pokhara to Dhampus is possible by vehicle, but the car won’t be the best option. The roads are just for the sake of a name, so it will be better to opt for hiring a jeep. It will take over an hour from Pokhara to Dhampus by jeep.

For more adventures experience, you can take a motorbike from Pokhara to Dhampus. It takes an hour to reach from this off-road way.

Trip Map