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Everything to know about Tibet/China visa from Kathmandu

As it is mandatory that visiting a foreign country requires a visa; Tibet is no exception to the rule. But, traveling to Tibet isn’t as liberal as in Nepal. Tibet is under the domain of the People’s Republic of China, so dwelling in Tibet is within the rules.

For traveling to Tibet, there are two important documents; Tibet Visa and Tibet Travel Permit. We are well-known about what is Visa but really is “Tibet Travel Permit”.

Tibet Travel Permit is not a visa; it is a very separate document issued by the Tibet Tourism Bureau. It is a two-page document, where the first page is “permit page” with the list of name of registered travel agency responsible for organized tour and dates and planned itinerary, and the second page has the list of each two-page member.

So, to help you out with your traveling plan to Tibet here is the full information on how to obtain Tibet Visa and Tibet Travel Permit.


-It has been established that all the international tourists planning to enter Tibet from Kathmandu, the China Group Visa will no longer be issued to any individual traveler.

-The visa will be issued to at least five travelers, who must travel together both in and out of China via a pre-arranged tour with a travel agency.

-However, even if you are a solo traveler, we can still invite you to join our tourist group for a Group Visa.

-Chinese Embassy will need your original passport for three full days for the visa process.

-Your visa application will be accepted only on weekdays (Monday to Friday). No application acceptance on weekends.

-While submitting a visa application; it must be done between 10 AM-2PM at the Embassy and visa will be issued in the afternoon of the third day.

-The Embassy will not accept any urgent group visa and will not accept without a passport. All the documents are necessary for the process.


-First Step

Even before applying for Tibet Visa, you itinerary and tour services with a local tour company of Tibet must be confirmed. You can authorize to apply for Tibet travel permit on your behalf by mainly a scanned copy of your passport to the tour company in Lhasa.

Then, you will receive Tibet Travel Permit and visa invitation letter issued by Tibet Tourism Bureau within 5-7 working days.

However, we can plan your itinerary for Tibet visit and for that you have to send us your passport scan copy minimum 20 days before the trip start. And, we will ask our Tibet counterpart to issue your Tibet Travel and visa authorization letter in Kathmandu.

-Second Step

As per the current formality, you need to stay a minimum of three days in Kathmandu to process your Tibet visa. You can contact the counterpart of Tibet Travel agency in Kathmandu and leave your passport paying for Chinese Visa application and visa service.

Here are the documents you require while applying for Tibet/China visa.

-Filled application form with all the details

-Valid Passport

-Color passport-size photo (recently taken)

If you have a normal Chinese Visa, you think of using for getting access to Tibet, then know this; it won’t work. You must obtain a group visa issued by the Chinese embassy in Kathmandu. Tibet Group Visa is mandatory for all the tourists entering Tibet from Nepal.

Tibet Group Visa is an A4 paper with the full mention of name, nationality, sex, passport number, date of birth, and occupation of each member. The together of entry and exit are duly recorded. The visa is valid only for the length of your trip, but you can extend the say for a few days (only for staying in Lhasa).

In total there will be two original copies for Tibet Group Visa; one for immigration at entry and another for the exit. If you have individual Chinese visa for your country, then best not bring it as entering Tibet from Nepal requires group visa, and the Chinese embassy will definitely cancel your individual Chinese visa.

-Third Step

After receiving the visa and embarking towards Tibet, you must bring the three documents with you; Tibet Visa, photocopies of Tibet Travel Permit and the application form.


From Kathmandu, Lhasa is connected via both road and air; you can choose either from the option as per your convenience. However, Lhasa can arrive from other locations like Hongkong, Guangzhou, Xian, Xining, Chengdu, Kunming, and Chongquing.

Taking an overland option from Nepal, you can enter Tibet using Kerung (Kyirong) border in Rashuwa district in Nepal, which is 167 km from Kathmandu and takes about 7 hours drive.


First, you have to send us a scanned copy of your passport and a copy of the standard Chinese Visa. However, while applying for a Chinese visa, do not mention Tibet or any places in Tibet as your travel destination.

Well, the reason is Tibet and China has political friction, so your visa application might get rejected. You can name any city of mainland China like Shanghai, Yunnan, Beijing, etc. as your destination.


-Mail us a scan of your passport (photo page) prior at least 20 days of starting a trip.

-You must arrive in Kathmandu at least 4 four days in advance and submit your passport to us with fulled application form and visa service charges as it takes three full days for visa procession in Kathmandu.

-As soon as the visa is issued, we will deliver it to your hotel.

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