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Go Up to Drop Down your weight

Want to boost your endurance and spur weight loss? Consider vacationing well above sea level.

If you are looking to jump-start a weight – loss programme, consider a high-altitude vacation in Nepal trek, suggests a study from Ludwigh – Maximilians University in Munich, Germany. Investigators sent 20 obese men to a research station near the top of Germany’s highest mountain (altitude: about 2650 meters). For a week, the men ate what they liked and exercised no more than usual, but they burned an extra 268 calories daily and lost about 1.3 kilograms each. Four weeks after their return to Munich, they are still burning calories at a faster rate. More research is planned, but adjusting to the relative lack of oxygen at higher altitudes may have boosted the men’s endurance so they could exert themselves for longer back at home. Source – Readers Digest, rdasia.com

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