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Group trekkers have decreased in 2018

Believe it or not, the actual number of trekkers has decline in 2018 despite increase in tourists’ arrival. The data from Nepal Tourism Board (NTB) that keep record of trekkers through issuance of TIMS card (Trekkers Information Management System)  recorded 97,385 trekkers  out of which 76,700  (78%) was issued to group trekkers (trekkers who goes through organized service providers); and rest 20,685 (22%) was issued to individual trekkers (trekkers who choose to make their own arrangement).  Out of 76,500 group trekkers total 56,200 cards (73%) was issued to Non SARC (Countries of South Asia Regional Corporation) nationals and 20,500 cards (27%) to SARC nationals.  In 2018, compared to 2017, the number of group trekkers has decreased by 58%. In 2017 group trekkers was 132,126; Out of which 110,526 was for Non SARC (83%) and 21,600 for SARC (17%) nationals.  It has to be noted that after the local government had taken charge in the village, in autumn 2018 there was dramatic decrease in TIMS number issued to trekkers going to Everest. The local government has been collecting Rs 2000 from each trekker. Beside the faked rescue scam in Everest region that surfaced in 2018, now the trekkers going through Khumbu region is facing another faked room cartel forcibly charging Rupees 500 per trekker at Namche and other places on the trial to Everest Base Camp.  (source: Himalayan News Service)

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