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Kailash Himalaya Trek 2019 Feb-Newsletter and Promotions


04 -Feb -2019


This festival commemorates the victory of Lord Buddhas incarnation -Dorjee Sonnu- over a demon called Man Tam Ru a vicious creature which ate human flesh and caused storms and droughts. The festival usually takes place in May and June and lasts for 3 days. Dances are performed by the lamas of Lo Manthang Choedhe monastery during the celebration. About 65 monks from Lo Manthang, Namgyal and Chhoser live in the monastery. The first day marks the harassment of Man Tam Ru in a dance called Tsa Chham, on the second day a dance called Nga Chham takes place commemorating the birth of Dorjee Sonnu as the demons son. The attempt to return the demon to lord Buddhas realm takes place on the third and final day. The lamas chant prayers while performing almost 50 separate religious dances to chase demons from Lo Manthang. They are followed by masked demons who flail wooden swords at the frightened spectators.On the final day, in a nearby field, courtiers fire ancient muskets as a high lama shoots an arrow at a red demon effigy laid on a ragged tiger skin. He tosses five more demons into the sand to signify the exorcising of the city. Fireworks are also let off to celebrate the occasion.


Tiji is one of the most well known and revered festival in Lo. It is a time of Celebration and religious pilgrimage for the people of Lo. The festival. The festival initially begain as a religious ceremony to ward of obstacles and suffering that might befall the country. Later it aslo came to sumbolize the hope and strength of the people of Lo.

A remote place lying in the rain shadow area of the Himalayas, Lo was beset by environmental difficulties,yet its situation along the main salt trade route made it a highly prized location regularly invaded by neighboring states. In effect, the festival is a fervent prayer by the King and Queen of Mustang and the people of Lo for peace and stability, not only in Lo, but all over the world. 

The deity Dorje Shunu (Vajrakila) is considered highly effective in subduing all evil forces and thereby removing all obstacles. The people of Lo. Thus believe zealously that Tiji protects them. They attribute their great fortunes to this festival. An additional benefit of Tiji is that it is one of the few annual occasions where representatives of Lo Tso Dun can meet together with the King, thus giving them an opportunity to discuss and solve matters of a more temporal nature. It is believed that simply attending Tiji will bring merit to its observers. 

Highlight: A unique insight into ‘Old Tibet’, Medieval, colorful Mustang villages. You will see Tibetan nomads, cave gompas with exquisite murals, fortresses, palaces & cave hermitages, Tibetan Buddhist monasteries, incredible sculpted valleys, wild rock formations, classic scenery of the high Tibetan plateau along the Kali Gandaki gorge & fossil collecting in this  less-trekked route. Read More

2019 Nepal Festival Calendar including Tiji Festival .

There is also another festival that is termed as festival not to be missed and this one is  held at the foot of holy peak Mt. Kailash in Tibet. This year the Saga dawa falls on June 17. Saga Dawa which is the day of Buddha’s enlightenment, nirvana, the monastery at Tarboche, the base of Mt. Kailash in Tibet celebrates this big festival for four days. During these festival you can see the vivid way of Tibetan pilgrims that joins from all over the Tibet and celebrates fire puja, Lama dances, Sand Mandala puja and finally the unrolling of the giant silk thanka. This is the oldest scroll painting in Tibet, dating back 1000 years and measuring approximately 40 x 60 m. Circumnavigating Mt. Kailash during Saga Dawa, one gained a merit of 100 thousand times due to the sacred month of Saga Dawa. Please write to us as we customize itinerary with your time frame and in your budget for Tibet.

If you like more Himalaya Festival – there is Mani Rimdu festival that gives you an opportunity to visit Everest Base camp and observe this festival with great awe, also of Sherpa culture.

Nepal is known for its continuous festivals, the Nepalese are said to observe more festivals than there are days in the year. Hardly a day passes without some festivities, ceremonial, observances or pilgrimages taking place in some part of the country or the other.



Nepal Trekking Industry in Damage Control mode

The Tourism Ministry cracks down on fake rescues, plans to counter negative publicity. Responding to

a slew of reports in the international media about insurance fraud in the trekking industry, the Nepal

government says it is cracking down on perpetrators, while planning action against an insurance 

investigator said to be behind the sustained negative coverage. Read More

Chinese Everest Permit Slashed by 33 %

China recently announced plans to cap Everest climbing permits at 300 as it ramps up cleanup efforts on the mountain. 2019 Everest season—a third fewer than in 2018—in addition to restricting climbing to spring, as part of its new efforts to clean trash from the peak. Read More

Escaping the ‘Tourism Trap’

Tourism Trap, Lisa Abend’s cover story for a recent issue of the Time Magazine, highlighted the changes brought about by mass tourism in Europe and captured how local residents and governments have reacted to the issue. Read More

Millions take a plunge a India’s religious festival – Khumb Mela

Milliions of Hindu pilgrims took the plunge into sacred rivers at the world’s largest religious gathering on Monday, led by ash-smeared holy mean and accompanied by religious chanting.  Read More

Study warns two-third of Himalayan glaciers would melt

MTwo-thirds of Himalayan glaciers, the world’s ‘Third Pole,’ could melt by 2100 if global emissions are not reduced, scients warned in a mojor new study issued on Monday. Read More


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Lower Dolpo Trek

The trek to the isolated Tarap valley over the high passes and deep blue alpine lake named Phoksindhu just before the “Crystal Mountain” is something very amazing.

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Sacred Festival in August 

Janai Purnima, an annual Shamanic-Hindu full moon festival, is taking place on August 26th. To get there, you’ll need to trek to the holy lake of Gosainkunda in Langtang, together with pilgrims who go there to bathe.

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Travel like a Royal

The Royal Trek

Popularly known as Royal Trek because Prince Charles did his first trek in Nepal in this area. This 4 days camping trek in the Annapurna foothills includes stunning mountain views, less-crowded routes, and sherpas.

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Tsum Valley Trek

A unique and sacred Himalayan pilgrimage valley ,in northern Gorkha. You will see Tibetan nomads, artistic chortens and gompas , and lined up mani walls. Classic scenery of the majestic Ganesh, Sringi, Boudha Himal and Manaslu range.

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Everest Mani Rimdu Festival 

The festival of Mani Rimdu is a three-day affair, taking place straight after October’s full moon. Sherpas and travelers alike flock to the scene to be entertained, and educated about the fundamentals of Buddhism as practiced by the Sherpas in Nepal. The dances emanate from Tibet’s Rongbuk Monastery on the northern side of Mount Everest, and depict the triumph of Buddhism over the earlier ‘Bon religion’. The preparations of the festival are The Sand Mandala, The Empowerment, The Fire Puja and Mask Dance by monks. Hundreds of Sherpas from all over Khumbu attend the performance, as it is an important social occasion as well as an entertaining spectacle.

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