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Local Tour Guide Apps that will Save You Money and Time on Your Next Vacation

  • Local Tour Guide Apps that will Save You Money and Time on Your Next Vacation
  • Local Tour Guide Apps that will Save You Money and Time on Your Next Vacation

Finding a local tour guide can be daunting. So,Tour guide App is a must have when you are all set to explore a new destination. This also ensures that you’ll enjoy your trip to the fullest. No matter how well in advance have you made your bookings, not being able to find a good tour guide, or ending up with a wrong one can totally result in a last minute disappointment.

Besides that, these tours cannot only eat up a good chunk of your budget. But factors such as the inability to comprehend the local language, sticking around with the group and following time curfews, and carrying tour books can be an additional hassle. Thanks to the smart-phone technology, much of these travel hassles can now be eliminated. And your travel experience can become much more relaxing, enlightening and above all pocket-friendly. These tour guide apps are a travel must-have when you are planning your next trip. Here, is 5 tour guide apps that will save you time and money on your next trip.

1.     Pocket Guide

Pocket Guide is a new local tour guide app that features maps, images and videos of the destination. The app also includes over 7 million reviews from other travelers as well to give travelers an authentic travel experience. Whether you’re exploring a new country or city, this app has all the information you need.

Pocket Guide has tours available for more than 150 cities across the globe covering major tourist destinations in North and South America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia. This is an automatic audio tour guide app that tracks your location and offers automated location-based audio tours. This means, not only you have your own personal real-time tour guide, but you can also save yourself from scrolling and scanning through the tiny text on your screen. The cherry on top, the app also offers a variety of language options so you can say good-bye to your language barriers and thoroughly enjoy your tours. Besides that, the app offers features such as suggestions for nearby restaurants, and ability to make 3D videos and record your tours. As a bonus, you can download your tours beforehand and enjoy them offline without worrying about roaming or internet charges. You can download the app free of cost from App Store or Play store. Also offers individual tours for purchase ranging from $3 to $20. You can learn more about this app here


2.     TourPal Travel Guide and Tours

TourPal is yet another personalised local tour guide in your pocket.

With the world’s population exceeding 7 billion, it is no surprise that tourism has exploded in popularity. However, trying to find a suitable tour guide can be time-consuming and frustrating. TourPal solves this problem by creating an AI personalised tour guide in your pocket that is tailored to your needs. This allows you to  spend more time exploring and less time searching for a guide.

This app too offers downloadable tours for various tourist destinations around the world in numerous languages.It is available with both online and downloadable offline tours that are GPS enabled. It offers audio tours by renowned professional tour guides. Apart from the standard features, the app also allows you to book tickets for your favourite attractions and activities in advance and search and make reservations for hotels. What makes this app one of the top tourist choices is the fact that it allows you to customize your tours and plan an itinerary in advance according to your preference from the comfort of your couch. You can download TourPal free from App Store or Google Play.

3.     Gypsy Guide

Gypsy Guide is an app for travelers and road trippers alike. This app helps  find the best places to visit and stay on your trip. It offers reviews of travel tips, restaurant recommendations, and sights to see. You can even import your itinerary from a different app such as Google Maps or Apple Maps to find out what you should do next.

You will love this app if you are a fan of road trips and driving around the city. Just rent a car, get on the wheels and let this app help you explore your favourite destination. This too is a GPS enabled automated audio app so that you can play the audio while you enjoy driving across the bustling cities and serene nature.

It also features recommendations for attractions and activities that are worth a stopover. It also works offline so that you can save yourself from the hassle of arranging for internet connectivity. You can download this app from App store or Google Play. You can find out more here.

4.     Google Trips

Google Trips by Google is a comprehensive, personalized local tour guide at your fingertips.You can never go wrong with a travel app that has Google’s name attached to it.

This travel app  takes the stress out of vacation planning. This app helps travelers plan vacations by providing travellers with information about destinations, then using machine learning to map out the perfect trip. The app also offers an interactive map, so you can explore your destination before booking flights and accommodation.

From hotel reservations to tour plans to things to do to shopping suggestions, this app has everything that you look in a well-compiled tour guide. Moreover, it  syncs with your Gmail account and you can use your email to make individual reservations and can find all necessary updated contact information at hand.

A significant chunk of the information is user-generated, which is why certain locations can offer very limited assistance.  The app can be easily downloaded for free from App Store and Google Play. You can get more details about this app here.

5.  GeoTourist

GeoTourist is a location-based automated audio app that automatically plays guides after tracking your location. You can download on any device and is available in six languages. The app is currently available for download on iOS devices, but Android users will soon have the opportunity to download it too.

A distinctive feature of this app is that it has offered user-generated tours by fellow dwellers and tourists enabling you to spot interesting attractions around you.

This app is still in beta, but it’s worth checking out. Users can create and share tours of their favorite spots.

It allows you to make in-app purchases to enable you to book your itinerary in advance. You can download the app free of charge from App store and Google Play. You can learn more about GeoTourist here.


As travel becomes more and more accessible, it becomes more and more complex. There are now so many different apps to help you plan your next trip, but which ones are best for you?

You might want to check out these 5 Apps based on the features they offer before heading on your next trip. That said, numerous other specialized travel apps allow you to make hotel bookings, plan itineraries, find out cheap tickets, explore food options and a lot more.

Some of the other travel apps that you might want to check out include Gogobot, TripHobo, Triposo, TripIt, Travefy, Trip Planner Sygic, WorldMate, Road Trippers and Lonely Planet.

Some of these apps offer additional features such as booking car rentals, buying travel insurance. It also has tip calculators, time converters, exchange rate converters etc. All these apps are easily available on both Appstore and Google Play. With these apps, you can plan your trips without having to stick to a particular group. You can choose your own time preferences and explore the destination your own terms. You can also save on your costs by eliminating tour guide costs and internet costs. It allows you to download customised tours that fit your pocket, that too in your own language. We hope you enjoy your solo adventures with these fantastic local tour guides apps in your pocket.

Alternatively, if you like personalized holidays and rather have an expert tour guide,we have you covered. Our local tour guides knows everything about your tastes and preferences. This is the ultimate way to enjoy a vacation without worrying about anything. AI does have its merits,saving you time and money but it cannot replace human relationships. And travelling to a new destination is building new relationships and seeing through the eyes of the local.


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