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Monsoon treks, Shamanic festival and High Himalayas to Mustang and Dolpo


8 -July -2018

Upper Mustang


While most people visit Nepal in spring and autumn, Nepal’s monsoon season(June through mid-September) is ideally a good time to go trekking if you prefer fewer tourists and are interested in exploring remote areas. So if you’re still looking for a last-minute epic monsoon adventure, consider a trek to Upper Mustang or Upper Dolpo, which fall in the rain shadow, or Gosaikunda in Langtang for the Janai Purnima, a full moon celebration in August with shamans. Alternatively, get a head start with planning your peak-season trek and consider timing it with a festival like Dashain / Tihar or Everest Mani Rimdu  in November.

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Upper Dolpo Transverse

Upper Dolpo is located beyond Dhaulagiri mountain range and falls under the rain shadow area of western Nepal.  This region is one of the most remote and isolated areas in Nepal. Rare species of animals such as snow leopard and blue sheeps are found in this area. You will be crossing several 5000-meter high passes on the trail from Jomsom. En-route you will discover villages rarely visited by outsider. These people live with deep faith in Buddhism and tantric rituals.
You will be amazed to see the raw beauty of the land and innocence of the people. You will experience your travel as if you are in a time machine going back in time. There is nothing except you and the nature. The deep blue sky, snow covered rolling high mountain and deep river valley and seemingly endless trail continues to dominate the journey. Villages at Sangda and Charkabhot are the only reminders of people other than you.
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Monsoon in Nepal


Best Monsoon Treks 


 Overland Tour to MUSTANG From KATHMANDU 11 DAYS

Nepal’s monsoon season is ideal for trekking in remote, high-altitude regions like Mustang and Dolpo, which fall in the rain shadow. .
lower Dolpo trek

Lower Dolpo Trek

The trek to the isolated Tarap valley over the high passes and deep blue alpine lake named Phoksundo just before the “Crystal Mountain” is something very amazing. 
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Shamans and devotees in shiva temple, Nagarkot
Sacred Festival in August 
Janai Purnima, an annual Shamanic-Hindu full moon festival, is taking place on August 26th. To get there, you’ll need to trek to the holy lake of Gosainkunda in Langtang, together with pilgrims who go there to bathe.
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Travel like a Royal

Sunrise on Poon Hill, Annapurna Base Camp Trek, Nepal
The Royal Trek
Popularly known as Royal Trek because Prince Charles did his first trek in Nepal in this area. This 4 days camping trek in the Annapurna foothills includes stunning mountain views, less-crowded routes, and sherpas.
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Upper Mustang Trek 
A unique insight into ‘Old Tibet’, Medieval, colorful Mustang villages. You will see Tibetan nomads, cave gompas , and classic scenery of the high Tibetan plateau 
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Everest Mani Rimdu festival 2018 – Departure Nov 9 

Mani Rimdu Festival, Mustang

Mani Rimdu Festival 

The festival of Mani Rimdu is a three-day affair, taking place straight after October’s full moon. Sherpas and travelers alike flock to the scene to be entertained, and educated about the fundamentals of Buddhism as practiced by the Sherpas in Nepal. The dances emanate from Tibet’s Rongbuk Monastery on the northern side of Mount Everest, and depict the triumph of Buddhism over the earlier ‘Bon religion’. The preparations of the festival are The Sand Mandala, The Empowerment, The Fire Puja and Mask Dance by monks. Hundreds of Sherpas from all over Khumbu attend the performance, as it is an important social occasion as well as an entertaining spectacle.
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