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Nepal faces 2nd wave of COVID-19

Namaste and Warm Greeting from Nepal!!

The current Covid 19 situation in Nepal generic viagra pills has recorded the highest death rate of 35 in a day. Seeing the present scenario of covid 19 in India, where people are dying rapidly, has caused fear in approved viagra pharmacy Nepal. In order to break the chain of spreading rapidly the government has announced a Lockdown for 2 weeks starting from 28th April 2021. This might lengthen to months looking at the http://tech.firstonline.info/2021/07/27/tadafil/ condition. People residing in Kathmandu from all over Nepal had to leave suddenly does propecia work? and haphazardly due to this sudden announcement. Thousands of people left Kathmandu in packed vehicles exceeding its capacity. Scarier is the situation in India where hospitals are surging with Corona patients, people are being burnt on a scales of hundreds a day, hospitals have run out of beds and vaccination centres have run out of doses, and pharmacies are unable to meet the demand for antivirals. India is reeling.

The second wave of coronavirus is cheap generic ciprofloxacin looking scarier than it first started here. Nepal buying viagra in the us is no further from the devastating effect of Covid 19. We are already seeing a rise in covid 19 patients, from Kings to viagra women celebrities. This just shows how we took for granted, where false information was provided by how to get some viagra our PM. Oli stating that the buy cheap generic viagra Covid-19 is not too dangerous. The general public felt more relaxed and many were seen without a mask and no health protocols were followed. Moreover, free border entry with India is creating a massive problem for the people here. The second wave of Covid 19 is proving more problematic because of not following the standard protocol set by WHO and mismanagement of the initial first Lockdown. Kathmandu valley was safe until the government reopened and now it’s been a hub for the most infested covid 19 patients in Nepal, almost 11,000 at the moment. Testing, tracking and isolation of infected people and their contacts fell rapidly into disuse by the end of 2020. Election, rallies, religious festivals have even raged the spread of the virus.

A few weeks back we had a friend from Holland who went to Everest base camp trek. The couple just returned yesterday from Lukla and now they are stuck in their hotel. Before departure, they require to undergo the covid 19 test but now things have become difficult. We called up the Department of Tourism and it’s frustrating to see the lack of preparedness from the Tourism Department as there is no proper plan for tourist visiting at this time. The Civic hospital which is established mainly for tourist is not catering for the testing of covid 19. I was told to inform my client to take them to the nearest hospital which is the government-owned one and this is not wise to visit because you are more prone to be infested. The only option is some hospital which is on the outskirt of Ringroad. To visit the hospital, they now require a government pass. We called up the hotel to make the necessary arrangement because ourself we are stuck at home. Just wanted to say even though Nepal is open to tourism but lack in providing effective service to tourist. According to him they even did not have to stay in quarantine after arriving in Nepal and flew to Lukla just after 2 days in Kathmandu. People are already up at the base camp waiting for the spring summit in May. The government has issued 244 individual permits for Everest this time.

It is so surprising that our King Gyanendra together with his family visited the Khumba Mela in India and returned to Nepal with the infection. His whole family contracted the virus and his wife is in ICU and is in a serious condition. We as a general public is surprised to hear that how our nation King is acting so stupidly by visiting the Ghatas and taking bath together with the Sadhus. We can see that he contracted the virus and spread it to his family members.

Now it is high time that we should understand and be more serious about the virus, follow the health protocols and take necessary precautions to keep ourselves safe and others.

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Notice Regarding arrival and Departure facilitation
Considering the surging pandemic of the new variant of COVID-19, the Government of Nepal has decided on 26th April 2021 to provide the following conditions for arrival/departure facilitation in Nepal. This notice is published to clarify the frequently asked questions regarding the former notice of the Department of Immigration published on 26th April 2021.
1. Foreign nationals except those from adjacent neighbouring countries of Nepal are restricted to enter Nepal via land ports.
2. Indian nationals arriving in Nepal through land routes should have a COVID-19 negative report of a swab taken within 72 hours and proof of hotel booking for 10 days hotel quarantine as mandatory to ensure arrival permission from local administration.
3. Chinese nationals arriving Nepal through land routes should obtain a visa of Nepal beforehand in addition to the submission of COVID-19 negative report of swab taken with 72 hours and proof of hotel booking for 10 days quarantine to ensure arrival permission.
4. Nepalese nationals arriving Nepal via airways should submit COVID-19 negative report of swab taken 72 hours of boarding and proof of hotel booking for 10 days hotel quarantine or confirmation of home quarantine.
5. Departure permission for all foreigners travelling to third countries from Nepal except those whose transit within the airport is suspended. Foreigners who are already in Nepal till the date are permitted to depart from the land port or airport.
Date 28th April 2021.

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