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Pokhara: The City Full of Excitement and Adventure

As said by one of the greatest philosopher and intellect, Aristotle,

“In all the things of nature there is something of the marvelous”

well, Pokhara is the place where nature has craved every beauty so exquisitely.

Nepal has many things for you, the neverending rail of magnificent mountains, the exotic wilderness of wildlife, a diverse geographical feature, a melting pot of wide culture and practice, and many more. In the midst of all this is Pokhara, that feels like a small piece of heaven for its beauty and serenity is way too overwhelming.

Located in western Nepal, Pokhara is full of beauty and surprises. The incredible Annapurna Range, Dhaulagiri, Annapurna I, Manaslu and many other unknown peaks surround the valley. With all these towering peaks of the world, Pokhara is popular as the ultimate trekking gateway. Not just mountains, the glowing lakes of Pokhara is another captivating thing that attracts the tourists. Also, known as the Valley of Lake, the array of lakes is just too long.

In addition to all of this, Seti Gandaki river and its many tributaries have created gorges and canyons in and around Pokhara that give intriguingly long sections of terrace features to the city and surrounding areas.

These are just a few of the long list, the diverse land of Pokhara is a haven for everyone, from adrenaline-junkies who want to divulge in full exhilaration to the avid nature lovers who want to get engulfed in the peace and ease. Pokhara has everything a traveler wants and perhaps more, let us go what Pokhara stands for and what you can seek in this city.


The valley of Pokhara has some serious geographical features, that has caused the unique topography, and here it is, with some of the major adventure ever. From bungee jump to mountain biking, the fun is a way to wide.

Bungy Jumping

Bungee jumping in Pokhara is the highest water touch bungy in the world. The jump from the height of 80 meters and you can imagine the thrill and excitement when you take off. Located in Hemja, it is one of two bungee jump available in Nepal.


Flying up in the sky is an imagination we all made at some point in our life. Paragliding will just upscale the definition of fun for you as you fly over the beautiful valley of Pokhara with its lush green forest and stunning lakes while witnessing the majestic mountains. Being of the best place for paragliding, this adventure in Pokhara will give you all the thrill.


A few hours of the hike can be a perfect way to rejuvenate way your schedule, and in Pokhara, you will find some of the best short treks. The valley already basks in the pool of natural beauty; further, the side hikes will let you unravel more of it. Sarangkot, Kahun Dahra, and Dhampus are some excellent destinations for side hiking.

Mountain Biking

Mountain biking is all about riding down the raw paths, through villages and hills and exploring rural Nepal. You can easily find bikes on rent and go for this challenge where you will ride in Himalayan foothills, steep and rocky paths.

Zip Flyer

Zip flyer in Pokhara starts from Sarangkot at 1,625 meters and ends in Hemja plain at 960 meters. The experience is extreme as the speed is over 90 miles per hours and a short ride just around 1:30 sec. You can either hike (2.5 hour) or drive (30 m) to the start point covering a distance of 11 kms .

Ultra-light flight

Enjoy the bird eye view of verdant forest, beautiful valley and glowing lakes and rive flying and playing with the clouds. You will be comfortably seated in the passenger seat in light aircraft, and you will take off to witness some of the most beautiful views ever.


In the context of Nepal, it won’t be wrong to put Pokhara as the synonym of lakes, because there are just too many lakes. So, here are some famous lakes in Nepal located in Nepal.

Phewa Lake

Also often pronounced as Fewa Lake, it is the magnet of tourism in Pokhara. This stunningly beautiful lake is known for freshwater, boating in its calm beauty, splendid backdrop beauty of mountains like Annapurna, Machhaphre, and Dhaulagiri and of course, Tal Barahi temple, located right in the middle of the lake.

Begnas Lake

Surrounded by the lush green forest, Begnas lake is really a sight to behold. The lake is rather known for its tranquility and incredible landscapes.

Rupa Lake

Rupa Lake is yet another popular and equally beautiful lake in Pokhara. The lake doesn’t only hold the beauty; it is also home to many floral and faunal species. It is definitely not a chance to miss, is it?


Pokhara keeps on giving you surprises you can’t ignore, and here we are with the lists of the cave, something different than your schedule, something you must seek for.

Gupteshwor Mahadev Cave

Gupteshwor Mahadev Cave of Pokhara is believed to be more than 600 years old, and its inside ambiance too is equally appealing, full of darkness and damps while a string of electric bulbs helping us further. As you walk inside, you will reach in a huge cavern with enormous rocks and pebbles all around, and on your right, you see a mighty deep gorge, then a little further comes the breathtaking Devi’s Falls, as if it is falling from the sky.

Mahendra Cave

Mahendra Cave is all constrained and difficult to make it out, and this very reason has kept the charm of this cave. It is 275 meters long, width in the middle is 3.5 meter, and at the far end, the width is 5.5 meters. However, don’t forget to take a torchlight.

Bat Cave

Translated as Chamere Gufa in Nepali, just as the name suggests, this cave is known to be the home of bats. There is no light inside the cave, so be extra careful while finding your way.


Although Pokhara is a developed city, it is unlike any city; it is the perfect balance of natural beauty and modern amenities. Keeping aside the staggering mountains, stunning lakes, and mysterious lake, there is more to its unparallel beauty.

Davi’s Fall

Davi’s fall is the hotspot of Pokhara, which is known as Patale Chango in Nepali, meaning “underworld waterfall.” Not only in Pokhara, but it is also one of the most visited places in the whole of Nepal as well. The fall forms an underground tunnel that is around 500 feet long and runs 100 feet below ground level.


Sarangkot is a famous vantage of Pokhara and one of the most sought-after place. Located at an altitude of 1600 meters, Sarangkot is known for mesmerizing sunrise/sunset and mountain views. On a clear day, you will be blessed with an unobstructed view of Annapurna range, Dhaulagiri range, Machhapuchre, Manaslu, the landscape of green hills and the pleasing settlement of Pokhara valley. Sarangkot is also popular for paragliding.

Lakeside beauty

This beautiful valley has a long list of lakes that has won the heart of every traveler. Walking alongside one of these lakes and observing the serenity is the most peaceful and relaxing thing over. You will see small shops by locals, that will let you involve in our culture. The calm lake, greenery all around, mountains stretched in the background of the lake; enjoy all of this while taking a sip of coffee in Lakeside.


Over the years, Pokhara has developed itself as one of the main gateways for a holiday in Nepal. Obviously, the natural beauty is undeniable; on the other hand, the city holds many charming things which makes it the ultimate destination.

Pokhara Nightlife

Nightlife in Pokhara so extravagant that it is famous all around Nepal. After a day full of fun and adventure, a night full of relaxation is all we want. There are numbers of clubs and bars that provide live music and dance show, vibrant ambiance and beverages as you prefer. As the sun goes down, the streets and road in Pokhara get alive.

Street Festival

Pokhara Street festival is an event that attracts thousands of tourists during its season. As the festival is organized for bolstering tourism, you will witness a wide array of interesting event through the festival. The festival showcases both national and international culture including countries like India, China, Japan, and South Korea.

Tourists pay a visit to Pokhara during this time of year to immerse in the cultural beauty. Another best of this festival is foods; there is a variety of authentic as well as continental cuisines that will relish your taste buds. Other featured activities include folk songs, live musical performances, traditional art exhibition, and others.


Pokhara is home to many such monuments that are literally a landmark; they stand as a structure but only with much greater essence.

Peace Pagoda, located on the Anadu Hill is such a stunning monument that directly overlooks Phewa lake and has Annapurna Range in its background.

International Mountain Museum in Pokhara is another admirable monument that has been established in honor of mountaineers. In the museum, you can find a large exhibition of tallest mountains, descriptions of famous mountaineers, culture, and lifestyle of mountain people, lists of flora and fauna and many more.

Likewise, the lists of temples are also quite long. Tal Barahi, Bindhyabasini, Sital Devi Temple, Bhadrakali time are some of the sacred monumental sites of Pokhara.

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