Responsible Travel

Our Sustainable Approach

Trekking I have my whole family taking these now. My daughter experiences less stomach aches and everyone has less gas. Viagra canada pharmacy, the most professional care at the world-class pharmaceutical factories of India. itself is sustainable activity. Fifty percent of I use this for my health after doctor told me to do it. I am very surprised with the result. Levitra genuine for sale - you should be able to talk with a human being, including a licensed pharmacist, to answer questions about your prescription. our income goes to porters. Fifteen percent to local agricultural produced. And another 10 percent to various services we buy from local communities. In lodge trekking, we spend 60 percent for food and accommodation at the local lodges, and 10 percent tadalafil levitra generic viagra on porter. Rest expenses are for ground discount levitra rx transport and logistics. In community based tourism activities local people gets major share of the expenses. Local economy benefit earning from active tourism activities.

We add “Slow Travel” approaches wherever and whenever possible. This approach provides experience that gives deeper sense of the viaga sales in canida places we visit. Our mode of travel is walking as much as levitra 20 mg prezzo in farmacia possible to cover as many places as accessible. This help in reducing carbon us cialis footprint. United National 2017 Sustainable buy cheap viagra now Tourism initiative has helped us in our own awareness. It helped us to adopt “Responsible Tourism” practices.

We practice fair wages policy for porters and economic benefits to local communities. This helps levitra generia preis maintain culture of indigenous people. It protect cultural and natural heritage. Maintain less impact on environment. We adopt these practices and incorporate it while we make itineraries and programs. We outfit our trek and organize travel arrangements with these best practices.

Our guiding principle is “Leave only foot print.” Let the holiday change you;
Not, want to buy levitra you change the holiday destination. We organize travel and holiday that help you transform. Add meaning in life. Being there at the place of happening we have ‘insider knowledge’ that are helpful in planning your trip.

We have developed partnership with indigenous communities. During our work we have noticed that adventure tourism is in the places of indigenous population. Nepal with a wide composition of ethnicity it is a fertile country to find such destinations. There are ancient traditions in paintings. Religious ceremonies and faith based practices are part of the culture. This has inspired us to develop new tourism program.

How we do

  • We tread lightly. Always alert for ways to reduce our impact on the environment and communities we travel through.

  • Meet and brief before your tour starts. It is a routine for our staffs. Our representative will be on hand to get you ready for your adventure.

  • We ensure safe and supported travel. And 24-hour support when you travel. This is ingrained in our tradition.

  • We hire local guides. Use service that creates jobs at local level. Empower local community to generate employment.

  • We refrain to use extractive approach of dire local resources.

  • Our approach and methods are always consistent with a budget that helps travelers travel in sustainable way. This means use local guides, hotels, local services that give back to the place you visit. This also reduces waste and your footprint on the local habitat.

  • We believe in meticulous planning. We believe that any adventure should be carefully planned and managed.

  • Fair Price: Ensure fair price for all providers, suppliers and to our guests

  • Guaranteed Departure: Private departure for any group sizes. Guaranteed for a minimum group size of 4 to 5 persons in a group