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Road from Hilsa to Surkhet to link Nepaljung and down southern border

The government of Far West 7th Province became buoyant when the Chinese construction company gave a road construction feasibility report just recently. They are joyed by the news that the company can finish the job in 54 months; that is very fast. Actually there is already a road construction going on that will link Simikot and the road from Simikot to Hilsa. A lot of hard spade work has already been done by Nepalese military to open up the corridor through difficult rock formation. According to report the length of the fast track two lane road from Hilsa to Surkhet would be 403 km; its breath would be between 4.8 to 11 meter. The road ultimately connects Jamuna of Banke district and the border town of India. This priority project of the province government will unfold various tourism prospects that have remained inaccessible so far. It is also going to make far reaching changes in the culture and living of people in Limi and other villages that are now in isolation.

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