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Road from Kora-la, in Mustang to link Pokhara and down southern border

After Nepal became republic and  federal state the aspiration for development and prosperity of the local people have jumped very high. The state governments are excited to develop their state in fast track. In their hope tourism and trade has become two of the best medium to meet their aspirations. Actually the work to link north south trade access route and east west middle hill road linking every districts  have been going on for decades. Though the roads are still incomplete and in rough condition but villagers are happy to get road access despite the danger caused by haphazard road constructions that has caused landslides.

The story of the proposed trade road from Kora-la (4,660 m), a passage north of Lo Manthang, is soon becoming reality once a construction work is confirmed by the Chinese government. Lo Manthang is 25 km down south from Kora-la. This broad road will link Jomsom (80 km – now a full day drive). There is already a rough road from Jomsom to Beni (98 km / 7 hour drive) already in operation. The distance from Kora-la to Pokhara, headquarter of the Gandaki Province – 4 is 255 km. From Kora-la to the main high way that link Shigatse and Lhasa in the east and Mt. Kailash and Purang in the west are about 50 to 60 km. The road from Beni to Bhairawa – border town with India – through Pokhara is 265 km. These calculation and quicker access for trade and tourism activities have excited the enthusiasm in the local people. It is indeed true, once the road construction is done tourism activities is bound to increase many folds. The third international airport that is being built in Pokhara has also boosted the future prospect of Pokhara becoming tourist hub on its own right within a decade.

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