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Sikles Village Tour – 3 days

  • Sikles Village Tour – 3 days
  • Sikles Village Tour – 3 days
  • Sikles Village Tour – 3 days
  • Sikles Village Tour – 3 days
  • Sikles Village Tour – 3 days
  • Sikles Village Tour – 3 days
  • Sikles Village Tour – 3 days
  • Sikles Village Tour – 3 days
  • Sikles Village Tour – 3 days
  • Sikles Village Tour – 3 days
  • Sikles Village Tour – 3 days
  • Sikles Village Tour – 3 days

Sikles village (1980 m) lies at the lap of Annapurna Himal.

  • Highlights

    • Spectacular and awesome view of Himalayas – Annapurna and Lamjung
    • Wonderful village walk around Sikles
    • Easy walk to a nearby village and view points
    • Familiarize with village life and activities
    • You get to enjoy and experience wonderful Gurung culture, nature and pristine environment
    • Route: Drive to Bijaypur – Drive up the hill to Sildujure – Continue to drive to Sikles – Return drive the same road to Pokhara

    Sikles village (1980 m) lies at the lap of Annapurna Himal very close to Namun Bhanjyang – a high mountain pass. It is one of the largest villages around the area. The villagers in Sikles built their houses in traditional Gurung style. They are usually two-storied, a domed structure built with mud and stones using a traditional method of construction. The upper story has a thatched roof and the lower one is covered with stone slates. Most of the Gurung houses in other villages have a similar design that blends perfectly with the surrounding environment. The paths in the village are paved with stone slabs. Sikles is a clean and well organized Gurung village.

    Traditionally youth of Sikles village goes to join Indian, British and Nepalese armies. Pension and remittance are usually their sources of income. Gurung is a martial race that helped Prithivi Narayan Shah, the rebuilder of Gurkha as a nation. Red velvet long sleeve blouse and dark shade phariya (long skirts like a wrap) is the favourite of Gurung ladies. With it they wear half - body wrap (ghalek) that sling down below the waistline. Normally their preferred colour is maroon.  Gurung men usually wear kilt like wrap that is knee-length. It is made from loincloth (kachhad). They wear a coat that sling down and tied like a belt around the waist. It works as some sort of backpack – the only difference it is in front. This dress style is different from other ethnic people of Nepal.

    When you are in the village explore around to experience local Gurung culture and their tradition. You get to see the daily life of the villagers. Take a short hike to Rishing Dada.  It is about 40 minute - hike to the ridge. There you can get a close-up view of Annapurna, Machhapuchare and Lamjung Himal. The view is amazing. The hilltop is pasture ground for their sheep. Gurung of Sikles farms sheep for its wool and meat. In the village, you may come across women folks making thread from wool and use handloom to make cloths. They do this activity during their off time from the plantation and household work. Depend upon the season you can see them either in rice plantation, harvesting or making threads from sheep wool. You get firsthand experience about the changes made by the ACAP initiative in the life of villagers. Sikles is one of the best villages that have a successful experience in sustainable tourism. They have done very well in nature conservation. In recent years there is a great deal of tourists’ attention on Sikles. They either trek or drive to Sikles to experience village life and transformation they have due do development brought by ACAP. The initiative was taken by Dr. Chandra Gurung who died in a fatal helicopter crash in Gunsa on 23 September 2006 along with prominent members of the conservation project and World Wild Life Fund.

    The drive is about 5 hours (55 km) from Pokhara. The road follows the Madi-Nadi river that flows from Annapurna Himal.  The uphill drives climb up to the ridge at Sildujure and then descend to Chipli Gaun and to Khilang. All these villages are as beautiful as Sikles. The last village is Taprang before you reach Sikles. The return journey would be the same road to Pokhara.

  • Day 01: Drive to Sikles Village (1930m) - 55 km (5 hour drive). In Sikles

    Leave Pokhara at 7 am. It is a long drive climb up the hill to Sikles.  On the way, you may stop at some villages for a short break. Drive pass by several beautiful small villages – Taprang, Chilli gaun and Khilang. Arrive at Sikles at 1 pm. After a short break and lunch take a village walk around. You meet villagers, familiarize yourself with the village and observe activities.

    Day 02: In Sikles village – Hike and tour around the Gurung village

    After breakfast take short hike to the hilltop (40 min) – Rising danda (ridge). There are sheep farms (gots) of the villagers. Get familiarized with sheep rearing. The view of the Himalayan range from Rising danda is awesome. Return back to the village for lunch. In the afternoon walk to their community centre, visit their projects and schools, eco museum. To get good glimpses of the surrounding area take a walk to the village’s view tower.  There are ample opportunities to interact with local Gurung and take photographs.

    Day 03: Drive back to Pokhara (55 km) – 5 hour drive

    After early breakfast you may take a stroll to your favourite section of village. Project Meet with people. Learn about their participation in sustainable economic programme. Leave Sikles at 9 am. From Sikles you drive to Khilan Guan (Village) and climb up the hill to Khilang Gaun. The road continues to climb to Chipli. After the ridge, the road makes a long descent and then again climb to a large village – Sildujure, and then make a sharp descend to Bijaypur Khola. As you travel towards Madi Khola (river) you would see a remarkable difference in the landscapes. The lower area has villages with mixed ethnic communities. The terrain becomes wider and wide terraced rice fields. On the way stop at some villages for short breaks.  Arrive at Pokhara around 2 pm.

  • Private Trip Cost:Net per person in NPR

    • NPRs 15,500 per person . We need 6 person to run the trip.
    • Join In Fixed Departure cost NPRs 16,000 per person
    • Accommodation based on double occupancy

    Cost includes:

      • Ground transportation to start and from end point of tour
      • Accommodation - normal lodge during the hike based on double occupancy
      • Meals – Breakfast, lunch and dinner
      • Trek guide and camp assistant based on group size
      • First- Aid kit
      • Nature conservation charges (permit)

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