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Tandem Flight With Kathmandu Paragliding

You need to wear light clothes and wind cheater during summer. Whereas warm clothes and gloves for winter and sports shoes or any other foot protective shoes are compulsory for flight. Put on your paragliding gears like Harness, safety helmet and attach it with the glider, your pilot helps you to to make sure all these then gentle run on the sloppy takeoff area and finally soar in the sky with birds.

Enjoy cruise control in the clouds. Sit back, relax and experience the breathtaking views few people have seen history. Take your camera or have your pilot capture that priceless moment. Take-off and landing involves standing up and walking a few steps. No jumping off cliffs and crash landing. You just won’t believe how easy and safe it is to fly with us until you do.


You will be picked up from your hotel in Kathmandu and then drive to Godawari for 30 minutes. Upon arriving at Godawari you need to fill paper as a formality and get your entrance fees before you head another 35 minutes on a rough road to the top of Hill. This place is known Chapkharka. You can have some photo session beore you fly for 20 to 30 minutes enjoying spectacualr views of Himalaya and villages dotted on the hill. The place you end your flight is Rasantar. You will be picked up and then transferred back to Kathmandu Hotel.

Cost: US$110 or Rs. 11300 per person

Cost includes: Pickup and drop transfer from hotel in Kathmandu, 20-30 minute flights, safety gears

Trip Map