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Taste of Nepal Exclusive Tour – 4 days

  • Taste of Nepal Exclusive Tour – 4 days
  • Taste of Nepal Exclusive Tour – 4 days
  • Taste of Nepal Exclusive Tour – 4 days
  • Taste of Nepal Exclusive Tour – 4 days
  • Taste of Nepal Exclusive Tour – 4 days
  • Taste of Nepal Exclusive Tour – 4 days
  • Taste of Nepal Exclusive Tour – 4 days
  • Taste of Nepal Exclusive Tour – 4 days
Kathmandu Valley-130496
  • Soak in dosages levitra order the history and heritage of the Kathmandu Valley before a peaceful stay in a Himalayan retreat.

    The Dwarika's hotel houses an extensive collection of artifacts from the 13th century onward, and the buildings and courtyards house some of Nepal’s best craftsmanship – capturing the beauty and spirit of an ancient city. The amalgamation of Nepal’s heritage with its longstanding tradition of hospitality makes the Dwarika’s Kathmandu an intimate experience of a refined Nepali lifestyle.Located in the heart of the city, yet conveniently close to the airport, the Dwarika's Kathmandu is an ideal base from which guests can explore https://www.calasiao.gov.ph/?p=12373 Nepal's infinite charms. The spacious rooms, elegant setting and Nepali warmth make it a luxurious retreat, and an experience to treasure.

    Dwarika's Himalaya cheap levitra tablets Shangrila: Designed and built to depict ethnic "Newari" and "Gurung" building styles of Nepal, the rooms do not come with a television, but who would really need one when rooms with the best views display huge panaromic glass windows in front of your king sized beds? It is like having your own 150 inch plasma television, and it's constantly playing the nature show, live, right in your ordering cialis from canada room.

    The Village Resort accommodation has been designed and built to depict various ethnic building styles of Nepal, currently has thirty six rooms with all modern amenities of which sixteen rooms are housed in four traditional Newari architectural style units with four rooms each per unit and five units built in traditional Gurung architectural style with four units of four rooms each and two single storey units with two rooms each and a central block of two storey’s comprising of the bar & lounge, the restaurant and the conference room. Pathways wind up between bushes and trees that viagra cheapest lead to the various types of accommodations. The rooms are unclutered and stylish with traditional soft furnishings and decorative items, low cost propecia wooden flooring with throw rugs on the floors and each room has its own garden space with hammocks and lounge chairs. The bathrooms are also uncluttered and offer no bathtubs, replacing it with an outdoor https://www.kailashhimalaya.com/viagra-best-buy/ feeling shower stall and with the large windows offer fantastic views. Each room has tea/coffee making facilities with a choice of normal and herbal teas and coffee. The identification, in the basic design of the rooms is that “the living space ones needs when working is different to that we need when we wish to relax”. Hence the main stress on “ones own outside space”. The guest cialis medication accommodation is a combination of excellent locations, panoramic mountain views blended with essential modern comforts.

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    Cost includes:

    1. Airport pick-up and traditional Nepali welcome
    2. 2 night’s accommodation in a Heritage Deluxe Room at The Dwarika’s Hotel Kathmandu
    3. 1 night in Dwarika’s Himalayan Shangri-La, Dhulikhel
    4. Transfer to and from Dwarika’s Himalayan Shangri-La, Dhulikhel  Breakfast
    5. One complimentary Himalayan massage per person
    6. Choice of two of the following: yoga, traditional Himalayan massage, meditation and Nepali pottery

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