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Three Days in Kathmandu: The Best Itinerary for you

Adhering to the very popular and very true saying of “Where there is a will, there is a way,” the ancient yet the extravagant city of Kathmandu can be explored to some level in your short stay of three days.

The city of Kathmandu is the neverending rail of a narrow street that gives you the aesthetic and authentic feeling as these charming street are centuries old.

Now that your stay is going to be short, you have probably navigated your itinerary through the blog of fellow travelers or picking out the best of what you want to take from Kathmandu.

Well, that’s what we would all do. However, being spent major year of my life in this bustling, yet beautiful city of Kathmandu, my insight on how to spend your three days in Kathmandu might be helpful.

I certainly can’t promise my tips will be something extraordinary to scale up your three-day tour in Kathmandu, but with my years-long stay in Kathmandu, I can be an aid on how to manage these three days. So, without further ado, let’s get on to it.


Not bothering with all the arrival issues and how you will start venturing on the street to Kathmandu, let’s get on to the details of the first day on Kathmandu.

As you set a foot forward from your hotel room, with a big smile and a lot of expectations in your heart, your imagination rush towards the end on what possibly you can explore today.

There is no better place to start your amazing three days stay in Kathmandu, than right from the heart of Kathmandu. Kathmandu Durbar Square is the pivotal point, one of the most happening places in Kathmandu.

And it is not only the Durbar Square that stands out during the first day of the tour. The magnificent palace and temples of Durbar Square, the charming back streets of Kathmandu with artifacts and antique shops, the famous Freak Street and many delightful restaurants, bars, and cafes.

To your surprise, Thamel and Garden of Dreams, the two much-loved places of Kathmandu lies in the proximity of Kathmandu Durbar Square.

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As you have finished strolling Durbar Square, through the streets of Indra Chowk, Makhan Tole and Asan, with only a few minutes of walk you will be on the entrance of Thamel.

Then, just in the vicinity of Thamel lies Narayanhiti Palace, the former royal residence of Nepal, now turned into a museum. You will be allowed with a small charge when you will have some insight into the royal lifestyle of Nepal. Comprise of an impressive and vast array of courtyard, gardens, and building, the palace is a historical place where the 2001 Nepalese Royal Massacre took place.

Durbar Square UNESCO World Heritage Site, so you will need an entrance fee. Many monuments are yet to be reconstructed that were damaged during the April 2015 earthquake. Not only during the day, in the evening time as well, these places are excellent to relax, so come back and experience the soothing evening in Durbar Square and awesome nightlife in Thamel.


The very first day of your Three Day Kathmandu Tour was a centered one, while on the second day, you will get towards different parts of Kathmandu Valley.

After your rise and shine on the second day in Kathmandu Valley, let us get on the road of more fun and exploration.

Yesterday, you walked around Kathmandu Durbar Square, and today it will be Patan Durbar Square, another Durbar Square, but not the last one. Patan Durbar Square is an architectural epitome located in the city, which is cited as one of the oldest Buddhist city in the world; Patan.

With historic and ancient temples, monuments, statues, sculpture, the Durbar Square the hub for locals and tourists. Patan Museum is equally coveted by visitors for its excellent exhibition of traditional scared Nepali art in an illustrious architectural setting.

While in Patan, do not forget to try the mouth-watering delicacies like ice-cream and curd, matka tea and different Newari cuisines.

Now, getting out from Durbar Square through a narrow road of Patan and getting in the main road, the next destination is Pashupatinath Temple, which takes less than 10 minutes from Patan. The temple is greatly revered by the Hindu of Nepal and receives hundreds of devotees from Nepal and India as well.

The huge complex of Pashupatinath homes around 500 different temples and monuments with ashrams, images, and inscriptions. Packed with most of the devotees throughout the year, the complex of Pashupatinath is also filled with tourists who are researchers, photographers, and historians.

Best of Kathmandu Tour – 5 Days

And moving towards our next stop, which is Boudhanath, that takes around 20 minutes to reach from temples, you can go through the heavy traffic jam, but keep the patience because what’s coming next will ease you.

Speaking from personal experience, I find Boudhanath most peaceful and serene location of all in Kathmandu Valley.

Although Boudha is bustling with pedestrians, shops and shoppers, and tourists, the whole ambiance of this place is very peaceful. The stupa of Boudha is a massive mandala that dominates the skyline and in its surrounding is the constant crowd of people. Do not forget to have the taste of famous chowmin in Boudha; just ask the locals, and you will find it.

With stomach full and heart relished from your visit to Boudha, now you can sleep with all the relaxation because the next and the last day will be even more special.

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Altogether there are three Durbar Square within Kathmandu Valley and this one you are exploring today is the last one in the list. As you explore all of these three Durbar Square, you might not help but notice the similarity on their structure on built.

Bhaktapur will give you more ancient vibe with traditional rugged houses made of bricks. The Durbar Square is known to be the living museum of medieval art and architecture with an exemplary exhibition of woodcarving, sculpture and colossal pagoda temples.

Along with the treat to your eyes, Bhaktapur also offers deliciously sweet and mouth-watering Juju Dhau, which is technically a curd, but believe me, once you taste it, you will know the taste is like no other. Bara, literally a cupcake of black lentil topped with minced buff and egg is another must-try food of Kathmandu Valley popularly made in Bhaktapur.

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After exploring the authentic and ancient town of Bhaktapur, you should pave your way towards yet another popular Buddhist shrine in Kathmandu, Swayambhunath. Located in the top hill, Swayambhunath is not only the place of reverence but a perfect viewpoint as well.

By the time you explore Swayambhunath, it will be over midday, and well, it is the cue for you to return to the hotel, freshen up and get on the road to home.

No, it is the end of your awesome three-day tour of Kathmandu. Whatever you have explored in these three days, I must say, you will need more time to unravel the beauty in every corner of Kathmandu.


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