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TIA will undergo a temporary closure amid runway upgrade

TIA airport
TIA airport

Feb 16, 2024 : Tribhuvan International Airport (TIA) will be closed for a short time, probably a few days, for important construction and maintenance work next year. They’re improving the airport by building a new terminal, parking areas, and runways. This will help make flying safer and more comfortable for everyone, according to the authority.

Before the airport closes, they’re coordinating with airlines to plan the closure and make sure it goes smoothly. They’re also getting permission from the government to accomplish the work. The Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN) is planning to work together with the concerned authorities to keep everything organized and safe.

While the airport is closed, passengers might need to use other international airports, like Gautam Buddha International Airport or Pokhara International Airport, as an alternative. This is to make sure flights can still go in and out of Nepal without any problems. However, airlines and passengers might face inconvenience due to the procedures.

The construction work is being geared up by the financial aid of the Asian Development Bank. They’re providing the necessary finance to make Tribhuvan Airport better. When the work is completed, the airport will have an upgraded runway, more parking aprons, and other upgrades as the construction is complete. This will make flying in Nepal easier and safer for everyone, as believed by the authorities.

Source: https://aviationinnepal.com/

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