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Top 8 Reasons To Travel To The Himalayas

One way or other, we often look to unleash ourselves from our daily chores and deluge into something peaceful and beautiful. We have to run for our responsibility, and we are hardly sparsed with time, and when we finally get some, we get into a dilemma of what to do next?

What would be better than immersing yourself in the serenity of Himalayas and having some time completely closer to nature? The Himalayas are full of mystics with stunning mountain ranges that includes some of the tallest mountains. They are huge mountain range located in Asia with over fifty majestic peaks over 7,200 meters. Well, it is hard to beat something that is craved by nature herself in such a magnificent way.

Everest, the tallest mountain in the world at 8,848 meters is a major part of Himalayas and is an enigmatic destination for everyone who is looking for something interesting.

At this point, you must be thinking about the distance and all the risk that associates on the journey. But, as mentioned above, Himalaya is the home of different mountain ranges so not every adventure demands dangers and risk. You can enjoy every moment with no fear of how will you take the next step.

The Himalayas are the wonders one must seek to unravel. Here are some intriguing reason why you should add them on your next visit list.


It might be an obvious reason for you as it is known that Himalayas are the source of peace and serenity. Despite the obviousness, when you finally make your way up there, the ultimate feeling of facing the majestic mountain against the shimmering blue sky is way beyond words.

Living in a city has drawn us away from the naturalness, and there is no denying on we want it. Traveling to the Himalayas will take up above the mountains which cut through clouds; a different world. There will be no people, no sounds, no smoke, no vehicle, just the snow-capped mountains far to the horizon and that moment you will feel the real peace and calmness.


Now, the Himalayas are also sought by photographers and nature admirers who are always in search of something beyond the world. The stunning mountain range is one perfect view, but you will also explore some of the most wonderful landscapes and amazing sceneries.

While on your journey you will come across excellent picturesque of the verdant forest with colorful rhododendron that will instantly captivate you. You will be in complete awe looking at the sun slowing sinking down those majestic mountains. Sometimes it is not a long extravagant thing; just a simple view can mesmerize us in a most uncertain way.


It used to be books then; now it is our smart-electronic-gadgets, where we try to live our fantasy. It is fair to say that we have no time for real life adventures, that is one excuse, but we are so indulged with virtual life that in coming days we might forget to live a real one.

The Himalayas is the place where you see the real struggle of living. You don’t have to do it every year; just a one visit will put enough thoughts on you. Local porters carrying a mountain of luggage, a young boy with flocks of sheep, women with their children in back; these real-life pictures are profound and speaks a thousand words. Breaking a schedule and being a part of these pictures will let you live the fantasy.


You will experience many cultural mixes on your journey to the Himalayas. In the Nepal side, the region is inhabited by different ethnic groups whose practices are influenced by Tibetan cultures. It is also said that they are of Tibetan origin, who entered Nepal and adopted the local ethnicity. Well, whichever is the truth, you will have a good bit of different culture and tradition.

You will see the diversity of culture in so many incredible ways, from there architecture to their language to dialects, from their beliefs and rituals to the clothes they wear and the houses they live in. You will also be impressed by the big jewelry the women wears. It is nice to bask in the beauty of the Himalayas and experience a new culture at the same time.


Most of the Himalayas are isolated region; away from the crowd of humans, unknown to them and in this isolation has brewed a spiritual faith that has awed the rest of the world. With its inclination to spirituality, Himalayas is considered as the sacred region.

The ultimate solitariness has provided even more essence to the belief of divinity. Several religious establishments have been founded over time, and they all are equally revered. Monasteries, temples, ashrams and pilgrimage routes located in the Himalayas welcome the large devotees like any other place.

One of the most remarkable sites in the Himalayas is Mount Kailash, which hasn’t been conquered yet and the reason is mysterious. It is believed that it is an adobe of Lord Shiva and his wife, Goddess Parvati.


How we used to live a decade ago and how we are living now? – There is a drastic change of answer, from our necessity to our priority. Forget about a decade, the people in the Himalayas still depicts the lifestyle that are hundreds of years old. With the change in time, you can find access to some of the modern amenities, but their lifestyle is far from ours.

They are very honest and hardworking peoples, who live an active and tough life. As these are no access to road, walking is the only way of transportation, and they can walk at an average of three times than our speed. Living in such an extreme zone, they stock food for most of the year, and many of them are home-grown. Their simple life knows no tricks or cheats; they are satisfied with what they have and are extremely nice and hospitable to their guests.


The Himalayas lies in the distant region surrounded by small villages where people still prefer to live in ancient ways. The trip to Himalayas cost is very economical compared to your plan of holidaying on some beach or big countries. You certainly can’t expect the amenities and ambiance any near to those place as this place is all about serenity and nature.

You will encounter teahouses all along which offers food cooked in firewood and a warm bed at a considerable price. It is not a business for them so that they can buy big properties; it is their simple lifestyle, so they sustain. You don’t even need half of your luxury budget for traveling to the Himalayas.


The Himalayas are insolated region which is largely inaccessible. It has certainly upscaled the challenge for the traveler, but this very reason has kept the environment pristine and intact.

The upper region is extreme with coldness and very less possibility of life. However, in the lower region, you will find many endangered and rare flora and faunas. This very reason has attracted people for scientific research too. Also, birdwatchers, photographers and animal lovers make their way to the Himalayas to witness them. Snow leopard, black bear, red panda are some rare wildlife of Himalayas. Nothing would beat the excitement of seeing wildlife live, in front of your eyes which you have seen in just books or television.

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