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Visit Bardia National Park for tiger

The number of tourists visiting Bardia National Park, in Far West Nepal, has increased primarily due to high chance of spotting the rare Royal Bengal Tiger. The lure of seeing the endangered creature in its natural habitat is proving irresistible as more than 15,000 tourists visited the park in the first nine months.  The Bardia National Park was established in 1988 as Royal Bardia National Park. It covers an area of 968 sq km and it is largest national park in the Terai (plain) of Nepal, adjoining the eastern bank of Karnali River. The park is home to 407 species of birds, 53 mammals including rhinoceros, wild elephant, Bengal tiger, swamp deer and Gangetic dolphin. The last census was held in 2013. The total number of tiger recorded was 198; out of that 50 in Bardia National Park and 120 in Chitwan National Park. Number of tigers has increased in Bardia in the last two years due to the suitable natural habitat, availability of prey and improved security situation according to the park authorities. In recent days it is easier to get tiger sighting in the park.

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