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Why Should You Visit Nepal in 2019/20

There is no questioning on the fact that Nepal is still unknown to the major part of the world, but there is also no doubt on any people not hearing the name of Gautam Buddha and the Everest, and if you have as well, then you have already gone through a small introduction of Nepal without even knowing its name.

Perhaps those two are the highlighters of Nepal, but they the list doesn’t end there. Every year Nepal welcomes millions of tourists, who visit for a different purpose. Adventure, pilgrimage, photography, research, serenity, art, and culture; the list is quite long on why Nepal is so sought-after country.

Maybe there are many countries as special and as beautiful as Nepal, there is no denying on that, but unless you pay a visit, it is not fair to make a judgment, is it? After going through this article, you might even plan to visit Nepal at some point in your life. But I am telling you now is better. To ease you on your decision making, here is why now is the best to pack your bag and fly off to Nepal.


Visit Nepal 2020 won’t obviously make the flowers in Himalaya bloom or increase the height of mountains in some mysterious way, neither it sharpens the beauty of mountains or hills. But this nationwide campaign has opened up Nepal and Nepali to many extents like never before.

During this campaign of Visit Nepal 2020, you will get a chance to discover the best of Nepal, when the whole country is in the endeavor of giving you a warm welcome. The countdown to Visit Nepal 2020 has begun, my friend and now is the time to see Nepal because who knows when this sort of campaign will be organized?


Although Nepal is constrained by size, the natural beauty bestowed upon it is just immense. Nepal is rather known for its vast geography, and unique topography and the difference in places is quite dramatic and drastic too.

Categorized in three different regions; mountain, hilly and Terai; they are all unlike form the climatic, to people; form their accent to their daily lifestyle. Mountain region, just like it’s same suggests is home to the majestic peaks where people spend their lives in an extreme climate. Likewise, the Hilly region is relatively less extreme than a mountain, covered with verdant hills and ridges. Then comes Terai which comprises plain land and a very humid climate.

So, you choose what place you want to start exploring the diversity of Nepal. As you embark the journey and slowly scale towards the mountain region, the physical features are one surprise for you, but the cultural aspect of people will also leave amazed.


The Himalayas are such an exquisite art of nature that has captivated the whole world. And, Nepal cannot be more proud as it is mainly located in the Himalayas. Scaling anyone of those peaks is in the bucket list of every adventure lovers and if not the peak, then be it at least to the base camp. It cannot be wrong to say that the Himalayas are the epitome of nature’s beauty one most sought to unveil.

If it is in your wish-list as well, then now is the time to visit and admire the beauty when it is still pristine and intact. The Himalayas aren’t running anywhere, but by the time you finally make there, there may be half of what it is today. With global warming and its effect on climate change, the snow in the Himalayas is melting like never. So, come and have the delight in the Himalayas before it gets distraught.


Keeping aside nature’s blessing to this country, Nepal is also the land of diverse culture and tradition. This diversity arises from the difference in religion and around hundred of ethnicity that has paved differences in the life of people of Nepal.

If you think about it, then it is very remarkable; such a small country yet the wide variation. Another amazing part of this diversity is, each ethnic group depicts a different set of customs and culture. From their ethnic wear to their language, form their traditional food to the festivals they celebrate; they are all unlike. Forget the villages and remote areas as even today; you can observe the cultural authenticity in the streets of cities of town.


You visit to Nepal will cost you even less than half of the luxury vacation that you are planning for some beach areas. Well, of course, there are options for stars hotels and expensive foods. But if you want something more than ambiance and amenities, then the low-priced stay and street foods of Nepal will show you the better picture of life in this country. If you plan this vacation with the whole family included, even then the cost would exceed your expectation.

And, now that Nepal is putting all its effort into the success of Visit Nepal 2020, many privileges are given to the international tourists so they can pay a visit and aid in tourism development. The timing cannot be more perfect, can it?


You can inspect form every category, and you will still find Nepal as a safe country to visit. The country is not inflicted to any epidemic diseases. Likewise, Nepal is known as a peaceful country where no violence has taken place since the civil war of about one and a half decade. Also, if you fear about personal security, then know this, Nepal has a very low criminal rate compared to global scenario. Nepali adhere to the culture of “Aathihi Debo Bhawa” which translates as Guests are Gods. Wherever you travel, they will welcome with you a smile.

Your biggest thought is probably the catastrophe that happened in 2015, a devastating earthquake. It has been a few years, and despite the damage then, every tourist destination here is awaiting your arrival now. Talking about future possibilities, we obviously cannot foresee it, but as of present, Nepal is safe to visit.


Nepal has lived a long life of craving and crafting. You can witness the exquisite work of skilled artists that has been bestowed on us by the graceful artwork of ancestors. These excellent architectural handicrafts and artwork have widely impressed the tourists who take them as a souvenir.

Due to the diversity in culture, the indigenous communities have their own crafting tradition. Overtime Nepal has gathered master experience on wood carving, and sculpting statues and the magnificent wooden decors and frames that you observe so admiringly is the artwork of our ancestors.

The devastating earthquake of 2015 distraught monuments that comprised an excellent work of art and architecture; however, there are still monuments that have graced monasteries, temples, palaces, and houses since the twelfth century. Different types of statues, windows and doors with mythological figures carved, wooden frames and ethnic wooden decors can be in the distinct places within Kathmandu Valley. Likewise, metal art is also a traditional art that includes making of Buddha Statue and his incarnations as well as of other deities using the lost wax method.

It is very remarkable how art and architecture have lived for hundreds of years in the most happening city of Nepal. Your visit will be a splendid experience; walking in a narrow street of the old and traditional building while observing the arts showcased in the decaying wooden pillar.

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