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Why Trek In Nepal- Learn Everything Before You Go

Nepal is considered as the “trekking heaven” and why it won’t be when it homes a stunning range of the Himalayas that has earth’s highest peaks including the towering one, Mount Everest. Not to mention, Nepal also covers the network trail of the Great Himalayan Trail, the longest and highest footpaths on earth, from east to west adding various trails in the upper and middle district of Nepal to the original route. Such diversity in geographical feature has bolstered trekking in Nepal.

The staggering range of Himalayas provides more than enough reason for trekking in Nepal. But that definitely isn’t all. Let us find out more on trekking in Nepal; why you should, the best ones and more on the information you need to know.


The trails are amazing

The geographical variation in Nepal is something you cannot ignore, which is just striking. The trails are off the beaten staged from barren to the lush green landscape. Further, the quaint settlement of traditional built, narrow paths in mountain ridges, verdant forest on the way, and the incredible natural beauty is a wholesome package for the best trek.

The choice is wide

You might get overwhelmed at just choosing which destination to go because the options are way too much. With eight tallest mountains in the world and several big and small, named and unnamed peaks, you can trek anywhere depending on your skill, time and budget.

It is just more than trekking

Walking for long hours is strenuous and can exhaust you the zeal to scale further if the path is nothing but long and grey. You are certainly trekking in Nepal for mountains, but you will take more the moments along mountains; the memories of laughing with warm-hearted people, the excitement of seeing a cascading waterfall, witnessing the exotic practice and culture and knowing the authentic lifestyle of real Nepal.

It won’t go beyond budget

The cost of visiting and holidaying in Nepal with your family is far economical than you are imagining. Comparing the economy itself, Nepal is very far from developed countries, and this fact benefits you. Vacation with the whole family can stress you form cost point of view, but not in Nepal. As it is also an old and cultural country, you and your family will literally bask on nature and culture.


Everest Base Camp

It won’t be wrong to say that Everest is the epitome of trekking in Nepal. Everybody wants to scale the base camp of Everest as it the tallest mountain in the world sitting at an elevation of 8,848 meters. Ultimately the base camp, Sherpas culture, and tradition, high altitude settlement, incredible vistas, spiritual setting with monasteries, chortens and prayer flags have hyped the travelers to base camp.

Everest Base Camp trek: 18 Days

Annapurna Circuit trek

Annapurna Circuit is not only best in Nepal but in the world too; it has been often voted as the best long-distance trek in the world. The trek takes you within the Annapurna mountain range of central Nepal in the vicinity of the tallest mountain in the world, diverse climate from tropics at 600m to artic at 5,416 meters at Thorong Lass touching the edge of Tibetan plateau, cultural variety of Hindu villages at low foothills to Tibetan culture of Manang Valley and lower Mustang.

Annapurna Circuit Trek: 16 Days

Langtang Valley Trek

Langtang Valley Trek is known for its diverse vegetation and exotic culture. Trekking in Nepal takes you along the lush forest of rhododendron, oaks, bamboo and many other beautiful greenery.

Located in the north side towards Tibet, you will walk past the Tibetan influenced Buddhist settlements inhabited by Sherpa and Tamang. Stunning view of Dorje Lakpa at 6,990 meters, Langtang Ri at 6,370 meters and Langtang Lirung at 7,245 meters and the ancient monastery of Kyanjin Gompa are some of the major highlights of Langtang Valley trek.

Langtang Trek – 12 Days

Manaslu Circuit Trek

Most of us are only familiar with the name of Everest, but there are many tallest peaks like Manaslu, the eighth tallest mountain at 8,156 meters. The trek to the base camp of Manaslu comprises ancient trail while getting to know the authentic culture and hospitality and medieval lifestyle.

Manaslu Circuit trek might be a difficult one, but the journey is worthwhile with epic sceneries of the forest at the start of the trail, then gradually comes barren land showcasing the mesmerizing mountain range. Another thing is this circuit trek joins Annapurna with Manaslu making it even more exceptional. The trail follows a less crowded route full of diverse, remote and varying topography.

Manaslu Trek – 20 Days

Upper Mustang Trek

Upper Mustang trek lets you immerse in Tibetan-influenced tradition and culture and quaint beauty of desert-like land with snow-capped mountain in the backdrop. It is quite an intriguing journey with thousands of human-made cave which are at least 2,000-3,000 years old.

Also, its location in the rain shadow area makes it accessible during monsoon as well. The staging giant red cliffs, tall whitewashed mud-brick walls, monasteries, and gompas dating back to the 15th century and its windy and dusty climate throughout the year make the trek very exciting.

Get Details on Upper Mustang Trek


About Permits

Permits are the must-have a thing for trekking in Nepal. TIMS (Trekking Information Management System) must be obtained by every trekker in Nepal for safety and security reason. Likewise, if you are trekking in conservation areas like National Park or Reserve, then you need separate permits. And if you are trekking in a restricted area like Upper Mustang then there too requires different permits.

About Altitude Sickness

Trekking in the Himalayas possess the threat of altitude sickness, and if not properly taken care, then it can cause casualty as well. It starts showing affect form 2,500 meters or so. Drinking plenty of water, trekking at a slow pace, stay nourished and get plenty of rest; these easy steps helps you cope with altitude sickness. Likewise, acclimatization on lower region helps a lot on fighting altitude sickness.

About Season to trek

Another thing to take heed of while trekking in Nepal is the seasons. If in the right season, you can have the best experience of your life, while in the wrong season, all your expectation can fail. September, October, November, March, April, and May will serve as the best time for trekking in Nepal. During these season days are clear, and the temperature is moderate.

While in the rest of the month, either the weather is too extreme or there is a constant downpour. However, this is not the case in every trekking destination. As mentioned above, Upper Mustang lies in the rain shadow area which is perfect in even monsoon. Likewise, for trekking in the lower region below and around 4,000 meters, even winter is fit.

About accommodations

Your dream of trekking in higher altitude can arouse a question of accommodation as the climate is way too extreme and you need the best rest to ease the exhaust. But not to worry, you will receive good accommodation throughout the journey, if not lavish. Now the routes have found the popularity; there are enough tea houses/hotels/lodges in your service all the way.

Taking the example of a popular destination like Everest Base Camp and Annapurna Base Camp, you can complete the trek with comfortable accommodation all along. Tea houses are famous Himalayan-stay operated by a small family that provides good food and a comfortable bed.

If this your first time trekking, then it will be best to choose a reputed and experienced trekking agency, so you have to worry less for logistics and other small things as they will take care of everything. However, if you are an experienced trekker, then you can ask your travel agency to organize a camping trek, but know this, camping will scale the level of challenge and difficulty.

About the Fitness level

Do not scare yourself with the thought that the Himalayas are tall mountains that require special skills and extra fitness to conquer them. The demand for your fitness level differs on the trek you choose to embark. Treks like Annapurna Circuit and Everest Base Camp needs a moderate level of fitness, while Kanchenjunga trek, Upper Dolpo trek, Dhaulagiri trek among others require experience and skill climbing.

Before jumping into any conclusion of which trek you want to go, it will best to ensure your health issues first. If you are having some problem with your health, you have to consider choosing the trek accordingly. Likewise, if you are here with your family or it is your first time, then choose the destination as it fits because the slightest ignorance can lead to serious casualty.

It usually involves 4 to 5 hours of walking up and down on hills, sometimes steep ascent and descents. Being actually on the road carrying your backpack isn’t as easy as it sounds. There is no static level of fitness, so gather enough information on the trek you are journeying on.

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