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Why trek in Nepal?

Why trek in Nepal? If you can get out of your confined territory of monotonous life, trekking in Nepal will take you through a country that has captured the imagination of mountaineers and explores for more than a hundred years. You will encounter people in remote mountain villages whose life style has not changed in generations, yet they will convey a trust of foreigners which is made possible by their secure position as Nepal is only a country in the world that has never been ruled by a foreign power.

A trek not only provides it’s natural beautiful and panoramic landscape but also provides a glimpse into the ancient culture and their belief on spiritual aspect practiced still today in their daily living. While you are on a trek you have the opportunity to observe the great variety of the kingdom of Nepal. Villages embraces many ethnic groups and cultures, and the terrain changes from the tropical jungles to high glaciated peaks in only 150 km. From the start, the towering peaks of the Himalaya provide one of the highlights of a trek. As you land in Kathmandu you just can feel it that the valley is surrounding by the lovely hills.During a trek in the Himalaya disappears behind Nepal’s ever continual hills but dominates the northern skyline at the each pass Annapurna, Langtang, Gauri Shanker and Everst. Finally after a weeks of walking you will arrive at the foot of the mountains themselves – astonishing heights from which gigantic avalanches tumbles earthwards in apparent slow motion, dwarfed by their surroundings. Your preconceptions  of the Himalaya alter as you turn from peaks famed only for their height to gaze at far more picturesque summits you have never before heard of: Doreje Lhakpa, Kantega, Ama Dablam, Macchapuchre, Rolwaling, Janu.  May be this can be a good start for you 3 days Chisapani to Nagarkot trek or go up little more alpine 3 days Escape to Jomsom Trek

A trek is not a Wilderness Experience:  The landscape of Nepal is almost continually inhabited which means you can get immediate help in your time of need. When you go high every villages has small settlements of stone houses and pastureland where you can observe life, people truly live off the land, using only a few manufactured  items such as soaps, kerosene, gas, paper and matches, all of which are carried in a bamboo basket by the porters. You cannot comprehend Nepal and Nepalese people until you literally visit Nepal. In the road less areas of Nepal, there is little wilderness up to an elevation of 4000m, and small villages have from 30 to 80 houses. You do not drift completely away from people, except for a short times or extremely high elevations. The hill people, their traditional hospitality and fascinating culture, make a trek in Nepal s special kind of mountain holiday.  This trek blends with natural beauty Poon Hill Trek – 4 days

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